Biology A2 Edexcel

Length of course: 5 half-day sessions
Boards: Edexcel (9BI01) only

This course is board-specific for Edexcel A2 level specification (9BI01), as detailed below.

Unit 4: The Natural Environment and Species Survival

On the Wild Side: Photosynthesis; Energy transfer within ecosystems; Habitats, abiotic and biotic factors; Role of micro-organisms; The recycling of carbon; Global warming; Evolution; Reproductive isolation leading to speciation; Climate change.

Infection, Immunity and Forensics: Analytical techniques in forensics; Determining time of death; DNA profiling; Structure of bacteria and viruses; Infectious diseases; Combating infection; Hospital practice relating to infection prevention and control.

Unit 5: Energy, Exercise and Coordination

Run for your Life: Physiological adaptations of animals to undertake strenuous exercise; Respiration; Homeostasis; Muscle physiology; Performance-enhancing substances.

Grey Matter: The nervous system; Rod cells as receptors; Brain structure and function; Imbalances in brain chemicals, e.g. Parkinson’s disease; Ethical issues raised by the human genome project and genetically modified organisms.