Biology AS Edexcel

Length of course: 5 half-day sessions
Boards: Edexcel (8BI01) only

This course is board-specific for Edexcel AS level specification (8BI01). The underlying theory for
the Core Practicals will be covered and exam techniques will include how best to approach ‘stretch and challenge’ questions.

UNIT 1: Lifestyle, Transport, Genes and Health

Lifestyle, Health and Risk: Structure and functions of water, Carbohydrates and triglycerides;
Circulatory system; Cardiovascular disease; Lifestyle factors and CVD; Correlation, Causation and concepts of risks to health; Core practicals

Genes and Health: Structure and properties of cell membranes; Transport of materials across cell membranes - Osmosis, passive and active transport; Structure and functions of proteins; Enzyme action; Structure and role of DNA and RNA; DNA replication; Genetic code and protein synthesis; Monohybrid inheritance; Cystic fibrosis; Gene mutations; Gene therapy; Core practicals

UNIT 2: Development, Plants and the Environment

The Voice of the Genome: Structure and ultrastructure of eukaryotic and prokaryotic Cells;
Development of multicellular organisms from single cells by cell differentiation; Mitosis and the cell cycle; Role of meiosis in the production of gametes and genetic variation; Fertilisation in mammals and flowering plants; Cell specialisation through gene expression; Genotype and phenotype; Stem cell research and its implications; Core practicals

Biodiversity and Natural Resources: Biodiversity, endemism, adaptations and natural selection; Principles of taxonomy; Role of zoos and seed banks; Comparison of the ultrastructure of plant and animal cells; Comparison of cellulose and starch; Transport of water and mineral ions through xylem tissue; Traditional and novel uses of plant products, natural resources; Core practicals