Biology AS Topics

Length of course: 5 half-day sessions
Boards: AQA and OCR only

Exam Board Specification Title AS Level Code
AQA Biology 1411
OCR Biology H021

This course covers topics that are common to the above specifications in topic-specific sessions, as detailed below. Please note that board-specific courses for OCR and Edexcel are also offered in selected weeks on a first-come, first-served basis.

Examination techniques will be considered, including how best to approach ‘stretch and challenge’ questions.

Cells and Biological Molecules: Cell structure; Microscopy; Cell membranes; Movement of
substances across membranes; Biological molecules; Enzymes and reactions

Genes and Cell Division: Nucleic acids; DNA replication; Genes; Protein synthesis (overview only); Mitosis; Meiosis (overview only); Cell differentiation; Tissues and organs

Transport and Exchange: Surface area: Volume; Mass transport; Heart and cardiac cycle; Blood vessels; Blood and tissue fluid; Lung structure and function; Plant vascular tissues; Uptake and transport of water

Variation and Biodiversity: Variation; Classification; Species; Natural selection and antibiotic
resistance; Biodiversity

Health and Disease: Pathogens and disease; Lung diseases; CHD/CVD; Lifestyle factors and
disease; Immune response; Vaccination