Economics A2 Topics

Length of course: 5 half-day sessions
Boards: AQA, Edexcel, OCR

This course revises topics which are largely common to the following AS level specifications:

  • AQA: Business Economics/Distribution of Income; The National/International Economy
  • EDEXCEL: Business Economics/Economic Efficiency; Global Economy
  • OCR: Economics of Work (Leisure or Transport Economics); The Global Economy

OCR and AQA students will be allocated places on our board-specific courses whenever possible.

Unit 3 (Monday –Tuesday)

  • Revenue of the Perfectly Competitive Firm
  • Objectives of Firms
  • The Growth of Firms
  • Competitive Markets
  • Competition Policy
  • Allocative Efficiency
  • CBA/Government Failure

Unit 4 (Wednesday – Friday)

  • Government Objectives
  • Economic Growth
  • Aggregate Demand
  • Aggregate Supply
  • International Trade
  • Exchange Rates
  • Balance of Payments
  • Globalisation
  • Development and Economic Growth