Geography A2 AQA 

Length of course: 5 half-day sessions
Boards: AQA 2031 only

This course is suitable only for students following the AQA (2031) specification.

This revision course offers the opportunity to revise up to three A2 topics from the Unit 3 topics list.

Students may choose to attend one, two, three, four or five half-day sessions depending which of the sessions are relevant to the topics their school has chosen to focus on.

The course fee will be pro-rata for students not attending the whole course.

Sessions 1 and 2

2 x half day sessions

Plate Tectonics and
Associated Hazards

Sessions 3 and 4

2 x half day sessions

Weather and Climate and
Associated Hazards

Session 5

Half day session

Contemporary Conflicts
and Challenges