Mathematics AS and A2 AQA

Boards: AQA (5361 and 6361) only

AS Level Maths comprises three units, usually two Core Units and one Applied Unit.

A Maths A level comprises six units. There are four Core Units and two Applied Units.

We offer courses covering the following unit combinations for AQA Mathematics:

• Core 1 & Core 2 (C1+C2)
• Core 3 & Core 4 (C3+C4)
• Mechanics 1 and/or Statistics 1 (M1+S1)

Core Units

Our course is designed to enable students to choose from the following combinations of Core units:

C1+C2 only
C3+C4 only

Applied units

Mechanics (M1) and Statistics (S1) can be studied either on their own or in combination with the core units, depending on the student’s timetable. Applied units are taught over a five day week, with 1.5 hours of contact time per unit per day.


• C1 (MPC1): Algebra; Co-ordinate geometry; Integration; Differentiation
• C2 (MPC2): Algebra and functions; Sequences and series; Trigonometry; Exponentials and
logarithms; Differentiation; Integration


• C3 (MPC3): Algebra and functions; Trigonometry; Exponentials and logarithms;
Differentiation; Integration; Numerical methods
• C4 (MPC4): Algebra and functions; Co-ordinate geometry; Sequences and series;
Trigonometry; Exponentials and logarithms; Differentiation and integration; Vectors


• M1 (MM1): Mathematical modelling; Kinematics in one and two dimensions; Statics and
forces; Momentum; Newton’s laws of motion; Connected particles; Projectiles
• S1 (MS1): Numerical measures; Probability; Binomial distribution; Normal distribution;
Estimation; Correlation and regression

We strongly advise that students have covered the module at school before attempting to embark upon the revision course for that module.

Please contact a Course Director to discuss your individual requirements/combination of units.