Mathematics AS and A2 AQA – Statistics 2 (S2)

Boards: AQA (5361 and 6361) only

This is bespoke course for students studying the Statistics 2 (S2) unit on the AS/A2 Mathematics AQA specification.

The course consists of 4 x 1.5 hour sessions.

Course content includes:

  • Discrete Random Variables: Mean, variance and standard deviation of discrete random variables.
  • Poisson Distribution: Calculation of probabilities of the Poisson distribution using a formula. Mean, variance and standard deviation of a Poisson distribution.
  • Continuous Random Variables: Differences between discrete random variables and continuous random variables. Probability density functions and cumulative distribution functions. The probability of an observation lying in a specified interval. Median, quartiles and percentiles. Mean, variance and standard deviation. Mean, variance and standard deviation of a simple function of a continuous random variable. Rectangular distribution.
  • Estimation: Confidence intervals for the mean of a normal distribution with unknown variance.
  • Hypothesis Testing: Null and alternative hypotheses. One tailed and two tailed tests, significance level, critical value, critical region, acceptance region, test statistic, Type I and Type II errors. Using a z statistic and using a t statistic.
  • Chi-Squared Contingency Table Tests: Conditions for approximation to be valid. Test for independence in contingency tables.

We strongly advise that students have covered the module at school before attempting to embark upon the revision course for that module.

Please contact a Course Director to discuss your individual requirements/combination of units.