Religious Studies A2 OCR 

Length of course: 5 half-day sessions
Boards:OCR H572 only

This course is suitable only for students following the OCR (H572) specification.

Please note that the religious ethics covered will be Christian Ethics only.

Session 1

• A2 Unit 3 (G581): Religious Language
• A2 Unit 4 (G582): Meta-ethics

Session 2

• A2 Unit 3 (G581): Religious experience
• A2 Unit 4 (G582): Free will and determinism

Session 3

• A2 Unit 3 (G581): Miracle
• A2 Unit 4 (G582): Virtue ethics applied to environmental, business and sexual ethics

Session 4

• A2 Unit 3 (G581): Divine attributes
• A2 Unit 4 (G582): Natural law, Kantian, Utilitarian and Christian Ethics applied to
Environmental, Business and Sexual Ethics

Session 5

• A2 Unit 3 (G581): Life, death, soul
• A2 Unit 4 (G582): Conscience