Summer Masterclass Programme

The MPW Summer Masterclass Programme has been designed for students who are serious about continuing their future studies in the UK – either at MPW or in another institution. At MPW, our summer programmes are small, friendly and interactive, with an average of 10 students on each pathway.

The MPW Summer Masterclass Programme runs from Sunday 1st to Saturday 14th July 2018 at our college in Cambridge. Cambridge has a rich history and diverse culture, making it an ideal destination for students who are looking for an enriching study experience.

The Masterclass Programme will give students the chance to develop a deeper understanding of a subject area of their choice and to improve their academic English skills. Students will take part in workshops and lectures led by highly experienced and qualified staff in their subject area. There are also trips to institutions related to their chosen area of study. Outside the classroom, students will take part in a range of extra-curricular activities in and around Cambridge. Students will be fully supervised at all times and will live in residential accommodation located 10-15 minutes walk from MPW Cambridge.

Course Details

Age: 14-17

English levelIELTS 5.0 or equivalent (we can administer a MPW test to determine level of English)

Course dates: From 1st July to 14th July 2018

Course length: 2 weeks

All-inclusive course fee*: £2750 (which includes tuition, accommodation, activities, airport transfers and standard excursions)

 *Assisted check-in for unaccompanied minors may incur an additional fee (£60)


English Language and Study Skills

Students will work on their English in order to build a solid foundation for any future study in the UK. Students will concentrate on both general English and study skills to improve their confidence when living and studying in an English-speaking environment. Students are taught a wide variety of skills aimed at helping them deal with a range of material in the English language. These sessions are intended to provide students with practical skills that they can use in all their studies. For example, students will use their skills so they can establish the meaning of unknown words, when reading, without using a dictionary. This is an essential skill for picking up more vocabulary, increasing reading speed and dealing with questions on examination papers.

Academic Pathways

Students are split into two groups:

  • Judge (economics/entrepreneurship)
  • Cavendish (science/mathematics)
Science and Maths (Cavendish Pathway)

This pathway is designed for those considering future study in the fields of science, engineering or medicine.

In addition to working on the large amount of technical vocabulary needed to access these subjects, students will learn about science and Maths at A level, take part in laboratory workshops (led by MPW science teachers), visit Museums and enjoy challenging sessions to build their knowledge before taking the next step in their educational journey.

Economics and Entrepreneurship (Judge Pathway)

For students who are interested in studying Business, Management or Economics, this course will provide a solid grounding in the subject area. Classes will include English for Business, Management and Economics, including input on giving presentations, writing reports, presenting data and communicating in the business world. Students will learn about Economics and Business Studies A level and will look at real life case studies and apply their English skills to problem solving activities.

UCAS / Oxbridge

For all those students planning on applying to university in the UK (including Oxford or Cambridge), these sessions will not only provide them with an understanding of the academic skills necessary for study at leading institutions, but will also provide advice and practice in the application process. Students will gain experience through mock interviews and there will be workshops on how to write personal statements.


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Summer Masterclass Programme