AS and A2 Level Course Outlines 


The History Easter Revision course is organised as a "mix and match" course to allow students to choose a revision programme that matches their exact requirements. The most popular topics available on the many History specifications are listed below and students should select those most relevant for their course of study. If a topic you require is not listed then please contact the Course Director as it is often possible to arrange a more specific programme when necessary. In addition to the topics listed below, we can offer a wide range of other historical periods and study skills are also addressed. Answering document questions, developing a line of argument and constructing a convincing essay are some of the areas covered, as well as preparing a thorough revision timetable.  Each module will last for one half-day session.

On your registration form, please specify the examining board, module code, title and any other relevant information. This will enable us to draw up an individual timetable for your modules.


Europe c 1450 – 1610: Religious change and its consequences

Absolutism in Europe 1640 – 1790: France; Prussia; Russia

Revolution and Nationalism in Europe 1789 – 1825: French Revolution; ideas of democracy;

liberalism and nationalism; the Congress System

Russia and USSR 1855 – 1929: Alexander II and III; Nicholas II; Russian Revolutions; Lenin;

rise of Stalin

Germany 1866 – 1925: Unification; Bismarck; Kaiser Wilheim II; establishment of Weimar


Totalitarian Regimes c 1918 – 1945: Russia; Italy; Germany

Aspects of World History 1900 – Present Day: Superpowers 1900 – 1962; decolonisation; Vietnam; China; Middle East

History of the USA 1865-1920


Britain 1485 – 1603: Henry VII and establishment of Tudor monarchy; Henry VIII to Elizabeth

Britain 1603 – 1714: James I; Parliament; Religion; civil war and restoration; James; William and Anne

Britain 1815 – 1895: Lord Liverpool; Liberal Tories; Whigs; Poverty and the economy; Peel; Gladstone and Disraeli

Britain 1895 – 2007: Political parties; imperialism, consequences of World War I; depression; appeasement; post-war Labour and Conservative governments 1951-2007