What is GCSE ICT?

Few aspects of our society have not been influenced by Information and Communication Technology revolution. ICT has radically changed the way we work; traditional jobs such as those in the banking industry are disappearing while new areas of economic activity, such as e-commerce, are growing rapidly. This course aims to prepare students for this changing society, to understand the fundamentals of ICT and the tools required for preparing and participating in an evolving, information based society. The specification provides learners with fantastic opportunity to work with a variety of technologies, making it more enjoyable to study.

The Specification

OCR ICT short course J061


B061 ICT in today's world  1 hour exam  40%
B062 Practical applications in ICT  Controlled assessment  60%

Course content

B061 ICT in today's world

ICT systems, Exchanging information, Presenting information, Manipulating Data, Keeping data safe, effects of ICT, Using ICT systems, ICT and modern technology

B062 Practical applications in ICT

Create an ICT solution using ICT applications. Present information in ways that are fit for purpose and audience. Problem solving using ICT. Candidates choose one task from a list provided by OCR. Up to 8 hours is allowed for research/preparation and up to 12 hours in producing the final outcome.