Aston University visit

Birmingham F20

As part of our University Support Programme, our Year 12 students visited Aston University to gain an insight into what it would be like to study at a campus-based university. They kindly organised a careers day which started with an enormously entertaining and thought-provoking talk on the legal profession from Odette Hutchinson, who was recently awarded UK Law Teacher of the Year, and Kris Lines, who is the LLB Law programme director. 

This challenged our aspiring lawyers to think about court cases and ethical situations in a new light. They discussed what consent really meant and how giving consent could be misconstrued.

 They then had a lecture from Dr Gareth Thomson, a reader in Mechanical Engineering and Design. Whilst outlining the structure of the course, Dr Thomson demonstrated the different projects that students undertake throughout their degree, which involved designing a race car and building it, before participating in the student race; designing a wind turbine; and producing a medical device. One group of students who presented their ideas won £25,000 for a STEM award for designing a bra for pregnant women which reduced backache, as this costs the NHS millions of pounds each year! It was a truly immersive experience for prospective engineers and demonstrated the wide ranging applications of the field.