Geography A Level OCR 

Length of course: 5 full-day sessions
Boards: OCR H481

This course is suitable only for students following the OCR H481 specification.

This course is not suitable for AS students.

Geography fieldwork investigation will not be covered.

Within each topic, knowledge of specific case studies is a requirement. Case studies will vary from school to school, therefore it will be beneficial for both student and tutor if the student brings their case studies to the course.

The morning sessions each day will focus on the compulsory elements of the specification. Students signing up to this part of the course must attend on all five days. The afternoon sessions each day are dedicated to selected options available on the specification

The course fee will be pro-rata for students not attending the whole course.










(Compulsory topics)     


Component 1 – Physical Systems: Earth’s Life Support Systems

Component 2 – Human interactions: Changing Spaces; Making Places



(Optional topics)    


Component 1   – Physical

Landscape systems: Coastal Landscapes 



Component 1 – Physical

Hazardous Earth



Component 1  – Physical

Disease Dilemmas


Component 2 – Human

Global Connections: Global Migration



Component 2 – Human

Global Connections: Power and Borders


Please note that this course does not cover the following optional topics: Glaciated Landscapes, Dryland Landscapes, Climate Change, Exploring Oceans or Future of Food.