Geography A level AQA for Year 12 

Length of course: 5 half-day sessions
Boards: AQA 7037 only

This course is suitable only for students following the AQA (7307) specification. 

This course is for Year 12 students only.

Geography fieldwork investigation will not be covered.

Within each topic, knowledge of specific case studies is a requirement. Case studies will vary from school to school, therefore it will be beneficial for both student and tutor if the student brings their case studies to the course.

This course will only cover the compulsory topics within the specification.

The course will cover:

  • Component 1: Physical - Water and carbon cycles
  • Component 2: Human - Changing Places
  • Component 2: Human - Global systems and global governance 

The course will not cover the optional units, ie: 

  • Component 1 – Physical: Coastal systems and landscapes
  • Component 1 – Physical: Ecosystems under stress
  • Component 1 – Physical: Glacial systems and landscapes
  • Component 1 – Physical: Hazards
  • Component 1 – Physical: Hot desert systems and landscapes
  • Component 2 – Human: Contemporary urban environments
  • Component 2 – Human: Population and environment
  • Component 2 – Human: Resource security