Physics AS OCR/A

Length of course: 5 half-day sessions
Boards: OCR/A  H156 only

This course is suitable only for students following the OCR/A (H156) specification.

The course is for AS students only.

  • Mechanics (1): Resolving and adding vectors, velocity and acceleration, projectile motion, F= ma, terminal velocity, moments, Archimedes’ principle.
  • Mechanics (2): Work, energy, power, efficiency, Newton’s laws, momentum, collisions, deformation of solids.
  • Electric circuits: Kirchhoff’s laws, EMF, mean drift velocity, potential dividers, LDR, thermistors.
  • Waves and quantum physics: Refraction, polarisation, diffraction, interference, standing waves, Young double slit, diffraction grating, EM waves, photoelectric effect, de Broglie wavelength.