Politics AS Edexcel New Specification

Length of course: 5 half-day sessions
Boards: Edexcel (8PL) only 

This is course is board-specific for the NEW OCR AS level Politics specification (8PL).

This course is for AS students only.

Component 1:UK Politics

  • Democracy and participation: Current systems of representative democracy and direct democracy in the UK; A wider franchise and debates over suffrage; Pressure groups and other influences; Rights in context.
  • Political parties: Political parties in general; Established political parties; Emerging and minor UK political parties; UK political parties in context.
  • Electoral systems: Different electoral systems; Referendums and how they are used; Electoral system analysis.
  • Voting behaviour and the media: Case studies of three key general elections; The influence of the media.

Component 2:UK Government

  • The constitution: The nature and sources of the UK constitution; How the constitution ha changed since 1997; The role and powers of devolved bodies in the UK, and the impact of this devolution on the UK; Debates on further reform.
  • Parliament: The structure and role of the House of Commons and House of Lords; The comparative powers of the House of Commons and House of Lords; The legislative process; The ways in which Parliament interacts with the Executive.
  • Prime Minister and Executive: The structure, role, and powers of the Executive; The concept of ministerial responsibility; The Prime Minister and the Cabinet.
  • Relationships between the branches: The Supreme Court and its interactions with, and influence over, the legislative and policy-making processes; The relationship between the Executive and Parliament; The aims, role and impact of the European Union (EU) on UK government; The location of sovereignty in the UK political system.