Religious Studies A2 AQA

Length of course: 5 half-day sessions
Boards: AQA 2060

This course is suitable only for students following the AQA 2060 specification.   It will revise compulsory topics from Unit 3: Studies in Religion and Unit 4: Religion and Human Nature.

Unit 3A: Religion and Ethics

Libertarianism, Free Will and Determinism. Virtue Ethics. Sex and Human Relationships. Science and Technology. (Compulsory Option).

Unit 3B: Ontological Argument, Reason and Faith.

Religious Language. The problem of evil. (Compulsory Option).

Unit 4A:

Life, Death and Beyond OR Perceptions of Ultimate Reality OR Religious Experience. (Compulsory Options).

Unit 4B:

Religious Fundamentalism OR Religion and Contemporary Society OR Religion and the Visual Arts. (Compulsory Options).

Unit 4C:

Religious Authority OR Ways of Moral Decision-Making OR Ways of reading and understanding scripture. (Compulsory Options).


Please note: this course will not cover the following voluntary options:

  • New Testament and Johns Gospel. Passion and Resurrection Narratives.
  • Religion and Contemporary Society. Spirituality, religion and national identity.
  • Christianity, Christology, Christian Action, Christian Spirituality.