An ACE Day of Learning and Treasure Hunting

An ACE Day of Learning and Treasure Hunting

All AS students attended a day of ACE sessions on Tuesday 17th September. ACE stands for Academic and Career Enrichment and is a programme intended to get students thinking about their future.

There were sessions on:

  • Choosing universities and degree subjects
  • Personal statements
  • Work experience andCV writing,
  • Interviews
  • Learning skills.

This was followed by a treasure hunt quiz around the centre of Cambridge, when teams competed to get round the course fastest and find the most answers to the clues. It was a bit rainy but everyone persevered and most finished the course but some complained it was a bit too long (mainly the tutors!).

Joel’s team – Owen Goddard, Nicholas Graham, Dias Mamatayev, Laura Lisboa Brick, Alina Darmesh, John Husband – were the clear winners: well done!