Ethics Matters: A-level trip to ethics conference

A-level trip to ethics conference

On Wednesday 27th February students studying towards A level Religious Studies attended an Ethics Conference in Cambridge.  The sessions covered some of the topics discussed at A level, including Kantian Ethics, Utilitarianism and Abortion.  It was a great opportunity to look at the latest research and statistics and the views of Dr. Peter Vardy and Charlotte Vardy were certainly thought provoking.

Students were shocked to look at the unemployment rates in Europe and the level of world debt, especially as Peter Vardy painted a very bleak picture for these young people.  This insightful look at Business Ethics certainly made the students think and this session was followed by a debate “This house believes that greed is good”.  It was refreshing to see so many different approaches to this motion.  Perhaps it is only when faced by the thorny issues that directly affect us, either now or in the future, that we really start to question the motives of the political and financial leaders around the world.

Dr. Peter Vardy started students off on the quest to build their own library of philosophical / ethical books by distributing to each student a copy of the latest book “Ethics Matters”, written by him and Charlotte Vardy.  This has already proved to be a valuable resource.  The day was extremely busy, packed with factual material and interesting discussions, all of which should stand the students in good stead for their Religious Studies examinations.