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David Bowles

Sociology Tutor – David Bowles

David holds a BA in Sociology and Economic and Social History from UEA, an MA in Medical Sociology from UEA, a PGCE in Psychology and Sociology from Keele University, and a Sociological PhD from UEA. David joined MPW Cambridge as an A level Sociology tutor in 2017, with experience in both teaching and pastoral capacities, having taught at UEA and in the sixth form of a large Academy. David is also an Associate Lecturer at the OU, having taught there since 2004.

David has had work published by Sociological Research online, Dant and Bowles: Dealing with Dirt, and presented at the British Sociological Association Annual Conference, Dirty Work: Fixing Cars For Us.

Why Sociology?

I absolutely love unlocking what C Wright Mills called the ‘sociological imagination of students’. Getting students to think in new ways about their social world, developing their critical thinking capacities as well as a systematic and at the same time creative approach to learning that will lead to a lifelong change in the way they look at the world, including areas such as the media and popular culture, education, crime, gender, inequalities, religion etc.

Describe MPW

Inspiring, fun, and friendly.

The enthusiasm of students of such diverse backgrounds for their learning and the small class sizes which facilitate this are the best things about teaching at MPW.

David beyond the classroom

Outside of the classroom, my interests include my dogs, motorcycling, cycling, bird watching, camping, walking and travel. My favourite book is 1984 by George Orwell and I enjoy any film by Hitchcock and Kubrick.

Any tips for future MPW students looking to study Sociology?

Look at the British Sociological Association web site – What is Sociology? – to get an idea of what sociology is about; also look at AQA sociology, the exam board and syllabus we use. The British Sociological Association (BSA) shows the breadth of jobs open to sociology graduates.

Sociologist paths include: graduate entry into management, civil service and local government roles, the police force, voluntary work, social work, empirical research, criminology. Sociology is a very wide topic and it gives you lots of options to move into different areas. The BSA also run competitions which some students may want to think about entering.


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