A2 Level Physics · AQA (legacy)

Dates Available

Week 1: Monday 3 - Friday 7 April
Week 2: Monday 10 - Friday 14 April
Week 3: Monday 17 - Friday 21 April

AQA A 2451
Not suitable for those studying the AQA-B specification

Length of Course
20 hours

2pm to 6pm

The course examines key topic areas and extensive use will be made of exam-based A2 level questions to illustrate relevant principles. The course will focus on exam technique and relating principles to applications. The course will cover the following topics:

PHYA4 - Fields and Further Mechanics

  • Further Mechanics
    Momentum concepts; Circular motion; Simple harmonic motion; Simple harmonic systems; Forced vibrations and resonance.
  • Gravitation
    Newton’s law, Gravitational field strength, Gravitational potential, Orbits of planets and satellites.
  • Electric Fields
    Coulomb’s law, Electric field strength; Electric potential; Comparison of electric and gravitational fields.
  • Capacitance
    Energy stored by a capacitor; Capacitor discharge.
  • Magnetic Fields
    Magnetic flux density; Moving charges in a magnetic field; Magnetic flux and flux linkage; Electromagnetic induction.

PHYA5 Nuclear Physics and Thermal Physics (the Optional Topics will not be covered)

  • Radioactivity
    Evidence for the nucleus; alpha, beta and gamma radiation; Radioactive decay; Nuclear instability; Nuclear radius.
  • Nuclear Energy
    Mass and energy; Induced fission; Safety aspects.
  • Thermal Physics
    Thermal energy; Ideal gases; Molecular kinetic theory model.

Unit 6 (Investigative and Practical Skills) not covered on this course