A2 Level Economics · Edexcel (Pearson) (legacy)

Dates Available
Week 1: Monday 3 - Friday 7 April
Week 2: Monday 10 - Friday 14 April
Week 3: Monday 17 - Friday 21 April

Edexcel (Pearson) 9ECO1

Length of Course
20 hours

2pm to 6pm daily

A large focus of the course is to teach students how to translate their economic knowledge and understanding of theory and present it in the contextualised structure examiners are looking for. This is a key strategic skill for A level candidates, and participants in the course will benefit from the shared knowledge and experience of tutors that work as examiners for the exam boards.

The course examines key topic areas and extensive use will be made of exam-based A2 level questions to illustrate relevant principles. The course will cover most aspects of the syllabus. Particular emphasis will be placed on topic areas that students generally find the most difficult.

The course consists of the following topics:

Unit 3 6ECO3 · Business Economics and Economic Efficiency 

Students will examine how the pricing and nature of competition between firms is affected by the number and size of market participants. We will discuss how to analyse the pricing and output decisions of firms in different contexts. Students will be able to make an appraisal of government intervention aimed at promoting competitive markets. Where appropriate, students should be able to relate the theoretical framework to real-world examples.

Unit 4 6ECO4 · The Global Economy 

Students will develop the knowledge and skills gained in Unit 2 so that they can be applied in a global context. The application, analysis and evaluation of economic models will be revised as well as the assessment of policies which might be used to deal with economic problems. An awareness of trends and developments in the global economy over the last 10 years is required. While detailed knowledge of particular countries, other than the UK is not required, the use of case studies will help students to gain a better understanding of key issues, especially those
affecting developing countries.

AS (legacy) Economics units may be available on request.