A2 Religious Studies · Edexcel (Pearson) (legacy)

Dates Available

Week 1: Monday 26 - Friday 30 March
Week 2: Monday 2 - Friday 6 April
Week 3: Monday 9 - Friday 13 April

Edexcel (Pearson) 9RS01

Length of Course
8 hour seminars

9am to 6pm

Unit 6 - RS03 Developments

One-day seminars will be offered on the following:
1 · The Fourth Gospel (John)
2 · Luke’s Gospel
3 · Philosophy of Religion
Ontological argument, Religious experience, Religious Language, Life after Death, Atheism.
4 · Ethics
Deontology, Virtue Ethics ,Critiques of the link between religion and morality, Ethical language.

These seminars do not cover aspects of the Implications Paper.

Unit 6 - RS04 Implications
One-day seminars will be offered during Weeks 1 and 2, as follows:
1 · Philosphy of Religion
Ayer, Donovan, and Westphal
2 · Ethics
Jamieson, La Follette and Schneewind
3 · New Testament
Who is Jesus Christ?
Teachings of Jesus Christ
Death and Resurrection
The dates of the seminars will be allocated subject to demand; students need to be prepared to be flexible if we are to accommodate all requests.

Not to be confused with any OCR/AQA/WJEC Religious Studies options.