AS Level Religious Studies · OCR (legacy)

Dates Available

Week 1: Monday 3 - Friday 7 April
Week 2: Monday 10 - Friday 14 April
Week 3: Monday 17 - Friday 21 April

OCR H172

Length of Course
8 hour seminars

9am to 6pm

One day seminars will be offered on the following:

Unit G571 Philosophy of Religion
Plato – the Allegory of the Cave and the Realm of the Forms
Aristotle – Cause and Purpose
Concepts of God as creator and God’s goodness
Ontological Argument
Moral Argument
The problem of evil

Unit G572 Ethics
Ethical theory: concepts, Natural Moral Law, Kantian ethics
Religious Ethics (Christianity)
Application of ethical theory to: abortion, euthanasia, genetic engineering, war and peace

New Testament G573 will also be available on application.

Not to be confused with any Edexcel/AQA/WJEC options.