AS Level Business Studies · AQA (legacy)

Dates Available
Week 1: Monday 28 March – Friday 1 April
Week 2: Monday 4 – Friday 8 April
Week 3: Monday 11 – Friday 15 April

AQA 1131

Length of Course
20 hours

9am to 1pm daily

The course examines key topic areas and extensive use will be made of exam-based AS level questions to illustrate relevant principles. Revision notes and model answers will be provided, where appropriate.

The course will cover all aspects of the syllabus, with particular emphasis on topic areas that students generally find the most difficult. These will be related as far as possible to data response examples, some under timed conditions. There will be extensive revision and practice of the formulae and calculations.

The course will consist of the following units:

Unit 1 BUSS1 · Planning and Financing a Business

  • Starting a business
  • Enterprise and entrepreneurs, risk, motives and rewards, opportunity cost 
  • Government support
  • Generating and protecting business ideas: sources of ideas, franchises, intellectual property
  • Transforming resources into goods and services; developing business plans; conducting start-up market research
  • Understanding markets, locating the business, employing people
  • Choosing the right legal structure, raising finance*
  • Costs, revenue and profit; break-even analysis, cash flow forecasting,budgets then assessing business start-ups*

Unit 2 BUSS2 · Managing a Business

  • Finance
  • Using budgets, improving cash flow, measuring and increasing profits*
  • Improving organisational structures, measuring the effectiveness of the workforce, developing an effective workforce*
  • Making operational decisions and developing effective operations
  • Working with suppliers, using technology in operations
  • Effective marketing, designing and using an effective marketing mix; marketing and competitiveness*

* Denotes an area of difficulty for most students at AS level.