AS Level English Literature · (reformed)

Dates Available 

Week 1: Monday 26 - Friday 30 March
Week 2: Monday 2 - Friday 6 April
Week 3: Monday 9 - Friday 13 April


All Boards

Length of Course

8 hour seminars

Times 9am to 6pm

The texts offered are selected on the basis of popularity and difficulty from those set by all three examination boards. Text seminars will be one day in length. Such intense immersion over the course of the day encourages full ownership of the texts studied. The morning session will be devoted to developing an understanding of the respective text’s key themes, putting the text in its historical context and providing character studies. The afternoon session will include the careful analysis of exam papers, their formats and their rubric. Attention will be paid to the context options, where appropriate, and the seminars will conclude with the planning out of answers to past and future examination questions. 

The timetable will be as follows:

Week One  
Monday 26 March The Tempest
Tuesday 27 March Hamlet
Wednesday 28 March The Great Gatsby
Thursday 29 March The Homecoming (Pinter)
Friday 30 March The Merchant's Tale
Week Two  
Monday 2 April Measure For Measure
Tuesday 3 April  Twelfth Night
Wednesday 4 April Streetcar Named Desire
Thursday 5 April  1984 (Orwell)
Friday 6 April  Paradise Lost books IX and X
Week Three  
Monday 9 April  Coriolanus
Tuesday 10 April  Richard III
Wednesday 11 April The History Boys (Bennett)
Thursday 12 April  Mrs Dalloway (Woolf)
Friday 13 April  The Bloody Chamber (Carter)

If you require any other texts, please do not hesitate to get in touch with one of our Course Directors.