A Level French · Edexcel (Pearson) (reformed)

Dates Available

Week 1: Monday 26 - Friday 30 March
Week 2: Monday 2 - Friday 6 April
Week 3: Monday 9 - Friday 13 April


Edexcel 9FR0

Length of Course

40 hours


9am to 6pm daily

The aim of this French revision course is to develop sound exam techniques while revising the A content as per the AQA specification. Particular attention will be given to grammar and vocabulary related to the following prescribed topics:

• Changes in French-speaking society: family; education; work
• Artistic culture in the French-speaking world: cinema; music; festivals
• Immigration and the multi-cultural society
• The Occupation and the French Resistance: Vichy; Charles de Gaulle; Jean Moulin
• Describing a film and a book: Techniques on writing about a French film and book

Two hours each day will be devoted to the various aspects of French grammar and translation which cause most difficulty. These will include: verb tenses; use of indicative and subjunctive; conditional and “if” clauses; use of infinitive; passive; pronouns; articles; adjectives; adverbs and prepositions.

The remaining hours will be spent working on board-specific exam preparation as follows:

Paper 1 Listening, Reading and Writing

Listening Section

Students will be set tasks from past papers requiring non-verbal answers (e.g. true or false exercises) as well as responses in both English and French.

Reading and Writing Section

Students will be set exam-like tasks requiring non-verbal answers and responses in French. They will also be given translations tasks and cloze tests from past papers, i.e. exercises testing their knowledge.

Paper 2 Writing

Students will practise their writing skills and translation skills by answering exam-like questions based on the AS topics above. They will receive feedback and advice on how to write essays in French.

Paper 3 Speaking

As in the exam, speaking practice will include oral questions on articles printed on stimulus cards, as well as general conversation on the Independent Research topic chosen.