A2 Level Geography · CIE (reformed)

Dates Available

Week 1: Monday 26 - Friday 30 March
Week 2: Monday 2 - Friday 6 April
Week 3: Monday 9 - Friday 13 April


CIE 9696 03-04

Length of Course

4 hour seminars


2pm to 6pm

The Geography A2 Level reformed course will utilise a similar format to the legacy A level courses. Geography students are often overwhelmed by the amount of material they are expected to cover. The two main aims of the Geography revision seminars are to help students distinguish between what is important from information that is peripheral and to develop question-answering skills so that knowledge is used to best effect in the exam room. All the seminars are four hours in length and students can elect to do as many as they wish.

Board-specific exam preparation is available as follows:

Paper 9696/04 Advanced Human Geography

Topic 1 - Environmental Management

Dates available: 26 March, 2 April, 9 April

Sustainable energy supplies; the management of energy supply; Environmental degradation; the managements of a degraded environment

Topic 2 - Global Interdependence

Dates available: 27 March, 3 April, 10 April

Trade flows and trading patterns; international debt and international aid; the development of international tourism; the management of a tourist destination

Paper 9696/03 Advanced Physical Geography

Topic 3 - Hazardous Environments

Dates available: 28 March, 4 April, 11 April

Hazards resulting from tectonic processes; Hazards resulting from mass movements; Hazards resulting from atmospheric disturbances; Sustainable management in hazardous environments

Topic 4 - Hot arid and semi-arid environments

Dates available: 29 March, 5 April, 12 April

Hot arid and semi-arid climates; landforms of hot arid and semi-arid environments; soils and vegetation; sustainable management of hot arid and semi-arid environments