IGCSE Science (Double Award)

Dates Available

Week 1: Monday 26 – Friday 30 March
Week 2: Monday 2 – Friday 6 April
Week 3: Monday 9 – Friday 13 April


Based on Edexcel (Pearson) specification, but suitable for all IGCSE Science specifications.

Length of Course

20 or 30 hours


9am to 4pm or 11am to 6pm daily

Not suitable for students studying GCSE, as opposed to IGCSE

The IGCSE Science Double Award course is modular in structure and students can opt to take either two or all three modules. Each module is 10 hours in duration, spread over the week, i.e. two hours daily.

This course aims to cover key topics in the IGCSE Science Double Award course. Extensive use will be made of available specimen papers and suitable past paper questions.

Please note that this course is not suitable for Single Award students, who should consider our separate Science courses.

On this course we will be covering aspects of the following:

Biology Module
The nature and variety of living organisms
Structures and functions in living organisms
Reproduction and inheritance
Ecology and the environment
Use of biological resources

Chemistry Module
Principles of chemistry
Chemistry of the elements
Organic chemistry
Physical chemistry
Chemistry in society

Physics Module
Forces and motion
Energy resources and energy transfer
Solids, liquids and gases
Magnetism and electromagnetism
Radioactivity and particles

Please indicate clearly on the registration form which of these modules you wish to revise.