IGCSE Geography Edexcel (9-1)

Dates Available
Week 1: Monday 30 March - Friday 3 April
Week 2: Monday 6 - Friday 10 April 
Week 3: Monday 13 - Friday 17 April

Edexcel (Pearson)

Length of Course
4 hours per topic

9am to 1pm or 2pm to 6pm daily

Our Geography revision programme for IGCSE is modular in structure. To produce a bespoke revision course students simply select the topics they require help with and indicate what they are on the registration form. Extensive use will be made of relevant past questions and time will be devoted to developing practical skills such as those of map and photograph interpretation.
Paper 1: Physical Geography
1 River environments
The hydrological cycle; river regimes; river processes; river landforms; uses of water; water quality; causes of flooding; management of rivers.
2 Coastal environments
Coastal processes, coastal landforms, coastal ecosystems, coastal conflicts, coastal flooding, coastal management.
3 Hazardous environments
Characteristics, distribution, measurement, causes, and impacts of earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and tropical storms; reasons why people live in hazardous areas; reasons why some countries are more vulnerable to hazards than others; management of earthquakes.
Paper 2: Human Geography
4 Economic activity and energy
Changes in economic sectors over time; informal employment; population theories; global variations in energy demand and production; renewable and nonrenewable resources; sustainable energy.
5 Rural environments
Distribution and characteristics of biomes; goods and services provided by ecosystems; impact of humans on ecosystems; characteristics of a rural environment; rural changes in developing and developed countries; diversification of farming; improving life in rural areas.
6 Urban environments
Urbanisation; megacities; rapid urbanisation; factors affecting urban land use patterns; urban challenges in developed and developing countries; development of the rural-urban fringe; improving life in urban areas.
7 Fragile environments and climate change
Causes, impacts, and management of desertification, deforestation, and climate change.

8 Globalisation and migration

Rise of the global economy, role of global institutions in the global economy; impacts of globalisation; push and pull factors for migrants; impacts of migration; management if migration; impacts of tourism; management of tourism.

9 Development and human welfare

Defining development; factors affecting development; measuring development; patterns of development; impact of uneven development; impact of development on birth and death rates; management of development.


Each module will be offered at the following times

Monday am Topic 1 pm Topic 2
Tuesday am Topic 3 pm Topic 4
Wednesday am Topic 5 pm Topic 6
Thursday am Topic 7 pm Topic 8
Friday am Topic 9    

NB We do not cover the Section C (Practical Enquiries) section of the course.

If you wish to take an Easter Revision course in Edexcel A or OCR, please contact MPW.