One-Day Film School

London A53

Above: A production shot from the short film 'Stealing Kix'

On 23 September the AS year took part in the One-Day Film School, now a regular event for each new cohort of AS students. Provided by the Young Film Academy, the day’s event is an opportunity for students to meet their peers outside of class time as well as being a fun alternative to their chosen subject choices.

To begin the day students watched a fight scene from Casino Royale. Before the clip they were asked to bear in mind the ways in which the film makers have heightened the excitement within the scene. The use of sound effects, stunt actors and choreographed stage fighting were agreed to have all added to the drama. The Young Film Academy also brought to the students attention how the number and length of each shot can slow down or speed up the feel of a scene.

With dramatic effects discussed it was time to move on the physical theatrics behind film making and the year group broke into pairs to have a go at some stage fighting. With a little bit of practice there were soon some realistic looking blows being sent!

A brief guide to camera work was underway next; followed by an initial assignment of a 3-shot film sequence. Students divided into groups of 10 to practice the different shots used in filming. Once completed, the first practice films were played back to the whole group and the students could see first-hand which films and techniques were successful. It was apparent to all that planning each shot and sequencing these carefully helped to execute a clear storyline.

After lunch students headed back into their groups to create a film short using a 10-shot sequence. Differing scenarios were given to choose from such as ‘the chase’ and ‘the theft’. Having been given the genre of ‘silent movies’ students needed to address the alternate ways in which they could tell their chosen scenarios other than through dialogue. Using the streets of South Kensington as a back drop to their films, the students set off creating their final shorts. With just under an hour in which to create approximately 2 minutes of film, time was precious. By appointing a director, producer and script supervisor to bring to life their carefully planned projects they were able to use the time wisely.

Our very own cinema screening concluded the day, the premiere of 11 entertaining and creative film shorts. An ‘Oscar’ for the ‘Best Picture’ was even awarded!

Sarah Blake