One Day Film School

London A37

On 14th September, the entire AS year came together to take part in this year’s One-Day Film School. The course was provided by the Young Film Academy, who help thousands of students each year in schools across the country complete their first films. This has been a fun and educational event at MPW for many years now, with the bonus that at the start of the academic year it helps to bond the new Year-12 students together.

The morning session began with the participants being given an introductory overview of some of the key moments of the history of film and its significance as a medium. They then had a set of basic practical filmmaking skills demonstrated to them, which included shot types, pointers on operating a camera and some clearly enjoyable practice in staging and filming fight-scene action moves. Students were then formed into groups to develop ideas for their own film sequences and to plan a series of shots. After lunch, cameras were handed out to the now-prepared groups and the films were completed in less than an hour in the surrounding area, with students quickly finding the necessary locations in which to stage and shoot their 10-shot sequences.

The day was brought to an entertaining conclusion with a plenary session in which the students’ films were all screened to the assembled year group. An ‘Oscar’ was duly awarded to the ‘Best Picture’, with a second film being given the runner-up prize. Our students obviously enjoyed the mix of learning about film production and history together with developing practical skills: many had not realised before just how much hard work and creativity goes into making the films they watch.

Oliver Milton