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Lapworth Museum of Geology visit

Posted by: Martin Blyth - 14 June 2019 - Field Trips - Read time: 1 Minute

A level Geography students had the opportunity to visit The Lapworth Museum of Geology based in the University of Birmingham to further their knowledge of tectonic plates and hazards. Students were given a comprehensive tour of the museum by expert staff and were shown fossilised remains of prehistoric rhinos that were discovered just outside Birmingham. MPW Students were also able to engage in an interactive workshop that brought the specification content to life in front of their eyes. The session took place in a classroom-based environment, with some rather unusual learning resources including volcanic rock and a seismometer which is normally used to measure the severity of an earthquake. Students were amazed that the seismometer could detect tremors caused by school football team goalkeeper, Dike, jumping on the spot in the classroom. In addition to the taught content session, students were able to explore the university campus and gain an improved understanding of life as an undergraduate.