Easter Revision at MPW

For AS, A2 and GCSE students Easter revision is the most important date in the calendar. Government led reforms mean that the examinations are now more challenging.

With 25 years experience and more than 1,500 students attending these courses each year, MPW has developed programmes to suit a range of abilities and tailored to specific examination boards.

At A2, our colleges in London, Birmingham and Cambridge are running three one-week, exam board-specific courses across a wide variety of subjects and specifications.

For Year 12 students, separate, board-specific courses are running for legacy and reformed syllabuses. The latter are designed to be suitable both for those taking AS at the end of Year 12 or those sitting internal end of year examinations.

Our Easter revision courses:

  • GCSE, AS and A Level
  • Exam technique and past papers practice
  • Board specific A2 and AS courses
  • Rapid revision of both core and option topics
  • Address individual concerns
  • Intensive syllabus coverage
  • Reformed and legacy specifications
  • Maximum class sizes of 9

The intensive revision of core topics will ensure students return to their schools with superior subject knowledge and self-confidence they need to achieve outstanding academic results. 

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about the start date and subjects offered at each college by calling us or clicking on a college below.

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MPW Birmingham

MPW Cambridge

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Imogen – A2 Biology

“The atmosphere at MPW was really motivating and focused and the course really helped my exam technique. We did a lot of practice questions and practice papers, giving us the ability to look at a question and immediately interpret what it wanted from you. It was that intense exam practice that made the biggest difference.”

Tia – GCSE History

“I was working as hard as I could but I was still getting Ds in history and I could not understand what was going wrong. As soon as I was taught how to apply my knowledge properly to the exam paper and the strategies I needed to use I went from D to A.”

Kuran – A Level Biology

“I would definitely recommend MPW Easter Revision to my friends and anyone who feels they need that extra help before the exams."

Dom – A2 Economics & History

“I found the economics course very useful indeed and it helped me consolidate what I knew and filled in a few gaps for me. I felt it was well taught and I got a lot out of it. The Unification of Germany morning on 11 April was also extremely useful. The teacher was engaging and I came away very enthusiastic and pleased with what I had learnt. We went through the topic in detail and again helped me understand and consolidate what I had previously been taught.”

James - A level Geography and Chemistry

“The extra help with revision really helped. Particularly with Geography, which was brilliant.” 

Richard - GCSE Spanish

“Great work, great teaching. I now feel more confident with my subject and the techniques given were useful.”