Tutors and Staff

Working relationships, at all levels, are powerful, productive and highly effective. Teachers have very strong subject knowledge. They say they feel well supported by senior leaders and other colleagues in the school.

Ofsted Inspection Report November 2019


Tom Caston read Geography at the University of Exeter and subsequently gained an MSc in Managing School Improvement from the University of Reading. He worked in investment banking before starting his teaching career at Shiplake College in 1999. Prior to joining MPW he held senior posts in a number of independent schools, most recently a Deputy Headship at Framlingham College.

Deputy Principal

Graham Almond obtained a first-class honours degree in Chemistry at Coventry University before completing a PhD and PGCE at the University of Durham. He has taught Chemistry at MPW Cambridge since 1997 and was appointed Deputy Principal in 2003.

Assistant Principals

Elpida Christianaki read English at Anglia Ruskin University before completing a Masters and a PhD at the University of Kent and then obtaining a PGCE at Canterbury Christ Church University. She has taught Classical Civilisation and English at MPW since 2011. 

Susanna De Beer has Bachelors’ degrees in Primary Education and Psychology from, respectively, the University of Pretoria and the University of South Africa and a Master’s in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages from the University of Nevada in the USA. She gained her MBA in Educational Leadership and her PGCE from the Institute of Education in London. She joined MPW from CATS College in Cambridge, where she was Assistant Principal (Pastoral Care).

Keith Miller read European Business Studies at Swansea University before completing his PGCE at the Institute of Education in London and an MA in Advanced Japanese Studies at the University of Sheffield. He teaches Business Studies and Economics.

Directors of Studies

Amy Cockerill read Theology and Religion at Durham University before obtaining her PGCE from the University of Birmingham. She teaches Religious Studies, Philosophy and Ethics.

Brigitte Grimshaw read French Literature and Italian at King’s College, London and completed her PGCE at Greenwich University. She has been a French tutor at MPW for 15 years and the Head of Department for MFL since 2018.

Frankie Frangeskou read French and Literature at Staffordshire University before obtaining his PGCE from the University of Wolverhampton. He holds a Master of Education degree from the University of Cambridge and is currently studying towards a PhD in Education at the university. Frankie teaches English and French and was appointed a Director of Studies in 2018.

Inga Morrissey read Modern Foreign Languages and Psychology at Belarus State University before completing a CELTA qualification and a Masters at Anglia Ruskin University. She has taught EAL and Russian at MPW since joining the college as Director of Studies in 2014.

Ana Sobrino Gonzales obtained first class honours degrees in Philology at the University of Salamanca and English Language at Anglia Ruskin University before completing her PGCE. She has taught Spanish at MPW since 2009 and was appointed Director of Studies in 2019.

Michael Pitcher read Chemistry at the University of Manchester before completing a PhD at the University of Massachusetts and then obtaining a PGCE at University of Nottingham. He teaches Chemistry and Mathematics.

Teaching Staff

Seb Antoniou BA (De Montfort), Art and Design
Susanna Arkell MA (Oxon), PGCE, Mathematics

Alec Armstrong BA (Coventry), MA (Exeter), PGCE, MSc (ARU), Economics/Business
Greg Barker MChem (York), Chemistry

Marco Bilyk BA (East London), PGCE (Greenwich), Politics

David Bowles BA (UEA), MA (UEA), PGCE (Keele), PhD (UEA), Psychology/Sociology

Simon Browne MA (Cantab), English/Film Studies/History of Art
David Coates MA (Cantab), PGCE, Chemistry

Amy Cockerill BA (Durham), PGCE, Theology and Religion

Kirat Collins MBBS (Royal London), PGCE (Kings College London), Biology

John Cooter BSc (OU), MSc (London), Psychology
Andrew Corrie MA (Oxon), PhD (London), DipCS (Cantab), Chemistry
Yusuf Csabai BSc (ARU), PGCE, Mathematics
Susanne Dobrovolny MA (Vienna), PhD (Vienna), PGDip, History/German.

Tristan Dunbar BA (ARU), PGDip, Photography

Frankie Frangeskou BA (Staffordshire), PGCE, MEd (Cantab.), English

Brigitte Grimshaw BA (London), PGCE, French
Anne Heffernan MA (Cantab), PGCE (Oxford), German and French
Brett Hughes BA (Macquarie), MA (Sydney), CThM (Cantab), DipEd, Business/ICT

Ana Jimenez BA (ARU), MA (De La Rioja), Spanish

Neha Kataria BSc (Rohtak), MSc (Birmingham), Mathematics

Rajpreet Kaur BA (Leicester), PGCE (Bedford), Economics

Mark Leaford BSc (Stafford), PGCE, Geography/PE
Penny Lee BA (UTM, Malaysia), PhD (UCL), Chinese

Maria Manrique MSc (Catalunya), MSc (Paris), PhD (London), Mathematics/Physics

Angela Mayes BSc (De Montford), PGCE Psychology/Sociology

Krystian Mazurkiewicz BA (Hull), MA (Birmingham), English

Max Mazzoli BA (London), MPhil (Cambridge), CELTA, PGCE, EAL/Italian

Fleur McLennan BA (Curtin), CELTA, PGCE
Shoshana Mitchell LL.B (Newcastle), LL.M (Durham), Barrister (non-practising), Law

Lorna Morris BA (Hallam), PGCE, English
Inga Morrissey BA (Belarus State), MA (ARU), CELTA, EAL/Russian
Susan Mortlock Rajasinghe BA (London), MA (London), English

Alawi Muthana BSc (Sanaa), MSc (Northampton), PGCE, Accounting/Business/Economics
Avi Naim BA (OU Israel), BA (Technion), MSc (Hebrew), PhD (Cantab), Mathematics/Physics
Nick Papanikolaou MPhys (Sussex), MSc (Sussex), PGCE, Mathematics

Michael Pitcher BSc (Manchester), PhD (Massachusetts), PGCE (Nottingham), Chemistry/Mathematics

Ben Ponniah BSc (Nottingham), MSc (Nottingham), Economics
Jayshri Rajput-Williams BSc (London), PhD (London), PGCE, Biology
Jamil Rashid BA (London Met), MA (London Met), PGCE, Philosophy/Religious Studies

Sara Shaw BA (Cantab), MA (ARU), PGCE, English Literature
Rika Smalman BA (Pretoria), BA (Rand Afrikaans), PGCE, Mathematics
Ana Sobrino Gonzalez BA (Salamanca), BA (ARU), PGCE, Spanish

Hilary Street BA (Reading), Business

Toby Taylor BA (ARU), MA (London), CELTA, EAL

Peter Tyson RN (Retired), MA (York, PGCE (Cambridge), History

Sashila Walawwe BSc (Peradeniya), PhD (Manchester), CertEd, Biology/Chemistry

Verity Walden BA (London), MA (OU), PGCE, Classics

Nicky Wharton BA (Reading), PGCE, History
Layla Whitworth MA (Cantab), MPhil (Cantab), Biology
Dean Williams BA (ARU), CELTA, EAL

Brenda Wright BA (OU), CertEd, Mathematics

Muhammad Zaman BSc (Punjab), PGDip (North London), Physics/Maths