Facilities at MPW London

Classroom teaching

Classroom facilities are designed to make the most of our teaching model of fewer than 10 students per group - seminar configurations and tutor presentations via whiteboard, interactive whiteboard or group discussion.

Nearly every classroom is fully equipped with audio-visual facilities for screen-based learning. For lessons requiring practical work, there are six PC laboratories equipped with a computer for every student.

Departmental organisation

Each subject is taught in its own specialist area under the control of the relevant Head of Department.

We have six Science laboratories: two for Biology, two for Chemistry and one each for Physics and ICT.

The Arts Department has an art studio, two photography studios, a ceramics studio and a drama studio.

There are specialised rooms for many other subjects, including Film Studies, Music and Modern Languages.

Outside the classroom

Students have access to computers throughout the college for private study including in each of the three libraries.

The Internet Café provides a more relaxed environment for both study and leisure and is equipped with computers for student use. Next door to this is a common room and a cafeteria serving lunch, drinks and snacks.

A wireless network is available throughout the college buildings for students to use with their own laptops, tablets or smartphones.