Cambridge - A Level, GCSE Courses, Retakes and Transfers at the end of Year 12

At MPW Cambridge we offer the following courses for full-time students:

For students at other schools and colleges, we offer:

For our term-time courses, there is a guarantee of fewer than 10 students in each class. The small class sizes ensure that each student receives the individual attention he or she needs. The majority of our subject tutors are qualified to Masters or Doctorate level and many are examiners for the A level and GCSE subjects that they teach.

In class, great emphasis is placed on the demands of the specification and on exam technique. We measure performance in this important area by frequent testing via timed assignments and mock exams. 

The college also provides a programme of mentoring and support, as well as the appropriate access arrangements, for those full-time students with additional learning difficulties such as dyslexia, dyspraxia, working-memory problems and processing speed issues.