Tutors and Staff


John Southworth read Engineering at the University of Leicester and subsequently gained an MSc in Defence Technology from the Cranfield Institute of Technology. Prior to joining MPW as a Vice Principal in 2014, he was a Major in the army, Director of Co-curriculum at The Perse School and, most recently, Principal of Lansdowne College.

Vice Principals

Richard Berlie read History at Magdalene College, Cambridge. Prior to taking up his current position he was Head of Upper School at Dulwich College and, before that, Head of Humanities and Politics at Emanuel School. Previous to Emanuel, Richard taught history and was assistant housemaster at Ampleforth. He serves as both a Head of Faculty and a Director of Studies.

Christine Gavin read Computer Science and Mathematics at the University of Exeter. Before joining MPW in 2001 she worked for a telecommunications firm and for the Office for National Statistics. Christine is also the college's Registrar and a Head of Faculty.

Petrouchka Stafford read History and Politics at the University of the West of England and joined MPW in 2003 having previously worked for a management consultancy. She was appointed Vice Principal in 2009. Petrouchka is also the Designated Safeguarding Lead.

Director of Admissions

James Barton read Ancient History and Archaeology at Warwick University and subsequently gained an MA in Performance from the University of East Anglia. He worked as a professional actor and taught Drama in a number of schools before joining MPW in 2007.

Heads of Faculty

Simon Horner read Biology at the University of North London. He has subsequently held a number of senior science teaching and lecturing positions in schools and universities and became Head of Faculty for Sciences and Mathematics at MPW in 2010. He is co-author of Getting into Medical School and co-ordinates the college’s preparation programme for prospective medical students.

Mat Carmody read Philosophy at Queens’ College, Cambridge and has an MPhil and PhD in Philosophy of Language from King’s College, London. He is the Head of Department for Religious Studies and Philosophy and is MPW’s co-ordinator for EPQ and Oxbridge.

Directors of Studies

Nora Alihajdaraj read Sport and Exercise Science at South Bank University. Before joining MPW she held a number of roles in sports management and ran fitness and health programmes for different age groups. She servies as the Head of Lower Sixth and as a Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead.

Sarah Blake studied Professional Dance and Performance at the Central School of Ballet and subsequently gained an MEd in Psychology in Education from the University of Manchester. She specialises in academic support and serves as a Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead.

Phillip Carr read English at Queens’ College, Cambridge and subsequently completed an MA in Victorian Literature at the University of Leicester. He has managed adult education centres and been Head of English in a number of schools, most recently at Ealing Independent College. He examines for the Welsh Joint Board.

Matthew Cawson obtained his first degree in English Literature and Drama, his MA and his PhD in Theatre all from Royal Holloway, University of London. Before joining MPW he taught at the Lord Byron College, Italy and Loreto College, Manchester.

Robert Cousin read Management and Strategy at Aston University and has an MA in Educational Leadership from the Institute of Education. He also serves as a Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead.

Richard McMillan read History at Magdalene College, Cambridge and has a PhD in Post-war History of Indonesia from Royal Holloway, University of London. Richard is the college’s UCAS coordinator.

Philip Shanahan read Sociology at the University of Gloucestershire and subsequently worked as an Examinations Officer, most recently for Imperial College London. Philip joined MPW in 2012 as a Course Director for our Easter Revision programme.

Erica Stillwell read English and Classics at the University of Florida and subsequently gained an MEd in Specific Learning Disabilities from Marymount University. Before joining MPW she worked with the United States Department of State as a Foreign Service Officer before starting her career in teaching. She has taught in several schools, most recently as an Academic Support teacher at Bedford School.

Jessie Venegas read Mass Communications and Political Sciences at McMaster University in Canada.  She then went on to gain an LLB in Law from the University of Birmingham and then an MSc in Teaching and Learning in English from Oxford. Jessie joined MPW from DLD College.

Maya Waterstone read Theology at King’s College, London. She taught at Montessori level for four years before joining MPW in 2003. She was appointed Head of GCSE in 2015. Maya is a qualified adolescent therapeutic counsellor.

Bettina Weichert read Russian at Queen Mary College, London and subsequently gained an MSc in Russian and Post-Soviet Studies at the London School of Economics. Prior to joining MPW she was a teaching fellow at the University of Exeter, a journalist and producer for the BBC World Service and, most recently, a teacher of Modern Languages at Manchester Grammar School.

Peter Zhao read Biomedical Engineering at Imperial College, London. Prior to joining MPW he was a Mathematics Teacher and Personal Tutor at Lansdowne College.

Teaching Staff

Ana Abad Jara BA, Murcia, Modern Languages; MA, London, Comparative Literature, MEd, Cambridge, Second Language Research (HoD)
Nora Alihajdaraj BSc, London South Bank, Sport and Exercise Science
Hilary Allen BSc (Econ), London School of Economics, Economics; DPhil, Oxford, Economic History (HoD)
Roy Ashman BA, Nottingham, American Studies
Michael Ayers BA, Auckland, History and Economics; MPhil, Birmingham, Drama
Sakine Bagga BSc, London School of Economics, Sociology; PGCE
James Barton BA, Warwick, Ancient History and Classical Archaeology; MA, UEA, Performance
Angela Berkeley-Owen BA, Sussex, English; PGCE
Richard Berlie MA, Cambridge, History; PGCE
Lorenza Boscaini-Gilroy BA, Venice, Modern Languages; MA, Westminster, Translation
Kate Brett BA, West Surrey College of Art and Design, Three-dimensional Design
John Cameron BA, Southampton, History and Politics; MPhil, Cambridge, History of Art (HoD)
Matthew Carmody BA, Cambridge, Philosophy; MPhil, PhD, London, Philosophy of Language
Phillip Carr BA, Cambridge, English; MA, Leicester, Victorian Literature
Ross Cater BSc, Liverpool, Marine Biology; PGCE
Matthew Cawson BA, London, English Literature and Drama; MA, PhD, London, Theatre; PGCE
Cecil Chan BSc, London, Chemistry; DPhil, London, Chemistry; PGCE
Mark Cheeseman DipRA, Royal Academy School 
Michael Cohen BSc, London, Mathematics; PhD, Newcastle, Mathematics
Richard Corbett BA, MA, Cambridge, Natural Sciences; PhD, Belfast, Laser Plasma Physics; PGCE
David Costin BSc, London, Mathematics
Robert Cousin BA, Aston, Management and Strategy; MA, Educational Leadership, Institute of Education; PGCE
Eleni Dalkafouki BA, MA, Malaga, Spanish; PGCE
Michael Danzelman BSc, Sheffield, Mathematics; PGCE (HoD)
Louise de la Hey BSDip, London, Fine Art
James Fewtrell BA, Durham, Combined Arts; MA, Sheffield, Historical Research; PGCE
Natalie Li Fook BSc, Leicester, Psychology with Neuroscience; PGCE
Konstantinos Foskolos BA, University of Athens, Communication and Mass Media; MA, Oxford; MSc, UCL; DPhil, Oxford, Social Intervention (HoD)
Fei-Tze Fu MA, London, Mathematics Education; PGCE
Christine Gavin BSc, Exeter, Computer Science and Mathematics (HoD)
Valeria Givone Licence ès Lettres, Geneva, Modern Languages; MA, London, French Literature 
Kristy Gosling BA, Lancaster, Photography; MA, University of the Arts, Photography; PGCE
Alla Gostick MA, PhD, A I Herzen University, Russian and Education
Moyra Grant MA, Edinburgh, Social Science; PGCE
Bushra Hameed BSc, Birmingham, Biochemistry; PGCE
Robert Heggie BA, Southampton, History; MA, London, International History (HoD)
Sally Hill BA, London, Geography and History; MSc, Hatfield, Computer Science; PGCE
Sheridan Hollis HND, Wiltshire, Photography
Simon Horner BSc, North London, Biology
Gregoris Ioannou BA, Athens, Fine Arts; MA, University of the Arts, Fine Art (Painting) (HoD)
Daniel Irvine BA, UWE, International Relations and Politics; DELTA, University College, London (HoD)
John Laughton BA, MA, Cambridge, Maths; PGCE
Clive Long BA, Open University, Mathematics and Systems
Jonathan Luke MA, Cambridge, English (HoD)
Brian Lynch BSc, Keele, Chemistry and Geology; MA, Open University, Education; PGCE
Christopher Mabley MA, Cambridge, Music; MMus, London, Music Theory and Analysis; PGCE
Kit Martin BMus, Guildhall School of Music, Electronic Music
Richard Martin MA, Cambridge, English (HoD)
Richard Mathias LLB, Hull, Law; LLM, London, Law; PGCE
Richard McMillan BA, MA, Cambridge, History; PhD, London, Post-War History of Indonesia
Andrew McRobbie MSc, Manchester, Chemistry
Laura Monaghan BA, Oxford, Theology; MA, London, English Literature and Language; PGCE
Francesco Montarese BA, MA, PhD, London, Classics
Andrew Moore BSc, London, Psychology; MSc, PhD London, Research Methods and Psychological Assessment; Cert Ed
Amelia Mullins BA, London, Textile Design; MA, Royal College of Art, Textiles
Craig Nunes BA, Cardiff, English Literature; PGCE
Andrew Parker BA, Durham, French and German
Steve Petford MA, Cambridge, English; PGCE 
Andreas Petzold BA, Manchester, History of Art; PhD, London, Romanesque Manuscripts
Rhian Pritchard BA, Oxford, Physics; PhD, London, Solid State Physics
Eoin Rafferty BA, Dublin, English Literature and Film Studies
Imran Rahman BSc, City, Sociology and Political Economy; MA, Middlesex, Criminology
Sarah Ratcliffe BA, Oxford Brookes, Law and French; MA, London, Applied Linguistics (HoD)
Susan Repko BSc, Connecticut, Education (HoD)
Gail Robertson BA, West Surrey, Ceramic Design; PGCE
Helen Rose BA, London, Geography & Economics; MA, London, African Studies; PGCE
Eileen Ryan BA, Oxford, Literae Humaniores
Elizabeth Ryan BSc, Bristol, Geography; PGCE
Marta Salvado-Sabate BA, Universitat Pompeu Franca, Translation and Interpreting
Philip Shanahan BA, Gloucestershire, Sociology
Alan Shaw LLB, London, Law
Katie Small BA, East Tennessee State University, International Affairs; MA, King’s College, London, Applied Linguistics and English Language Teaching
Nicholas Sowicz BA, Oxford, Mathematics
Petrouchka Stafford BA, UWE, History and Politics
Robert Stanley MSci, PhD, London, Physics (HoD)
Erica Stillwell BA, Florida, English and Classical Studies; MA, Marymount, Specific Learning Disabilities
Andrew Stockley BSc, Cardiff, Genetics; PGCE
Eva Strauss BA, Cape Town, Economics; PGCE
Christopher Stuttard BA (Econ), Manchester, Economics; PGCE
Kit Tempest-Walters BA, Warwick, Philosophy; MA, Classics, London
Antonio Torrisi BSc, University of Turin Italy, Material Science; MSc, Imperial College, Science Communication; PhD, UCL, Chemistry; PGCE
Jessie Venegas BA, Hamilton, Mass Communications and Political Sciences; LLB, Birmingham, Law; Msc, Oxford, Teaching and Learning (English); PGCE
Will Veness MSci ARSM, Imperial College, London, Geology
Derek Wall BSc, London, Archaeology; PhD, UWE, Environmental Politics
Garrick Walles BSc, London, Chemistry
Patricia Ward BA, Liverpool, History; PGCE
Maya Waterstone BA, London, Theology
Oliver Watt BA, Napier, Business Studies; PGCE
Bettina Weichert BA, London, Russian; MSc, London School of Economics, Soviet Studies
Andrew Whinnett BSc, Kent, Physics and Astrophysics
Peter Zhao MEng, Imperial College, London, Biomedical Engineering
Xiaohong Zhou MBA, Thames Valley, Business Administration; PGCE

(HoD: Head of Department)