UK Education System

UK Education SystemStudents who wish to enter the top UK universities normally follow a 2-year A level programme. The first year is known as “Year 12”, “Lower Sixth” or “AS” and students normally study 4 subjects. The second year of the programme is called “Year 13”, “Upper Sixth” or “A2”. Students generally continue with 3 of their 4 AS subjects in the A2 year. This programme starts in September and ends in June.

Under some circumstances, it is possible for students to do an intensive 1-year programme, combining AS and A2; or to follow an 18-month course which starts in January and ends in June.

Before A levels, UK students follow a 2-year programme called GCSE, in which they study between 7 and 10 subjects. GCSE is not always suitable for international students, and so for international students who are either too young to start the A level programme, or whose English level is not yet high enough, we recommend a 3-year programme incorporating a “Pre-A level year”.