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Student Success Stories

Student Testimonials
MPW Cambridge

"My two years at MPW have been part of the most fulfilling experience I’ve had in my education. Despite being far away from home and studies completely different from what I was used to, the small class sizes and communal feeling of the school really made the transition easy and enjoyable. I always felt like my voice was heard and appreciated in every class. My teachers knew me well, both as a student and a person, and this really helped them to guide me through my A Levels in a way that worked best with my personality. My Personal Tutor was an essential support system over the two years especially when it came time to apply to university. Despite its daunting nature, I was able to get the most out of the application process with five acceptances from all my choices and I don’t know if that would’ve been the case otherwise. Regular timed assignments helped me track my progress and kept me accountable and reminded me of the end goal - to do my best in my final exams. With the COVID-19 situation, I was unable to sit these exams, but these timed assignments helped show my improvement and my ability to meet the course requirements. Overall, I believe that the system set up at MPW provides students with everything they need to achieve whatever goals they have for their educational journey."


Grades achieved at MPW: A*AA Progressed to: King's College London to read Law

"I first came to MPW after having already changed school a couple of times, attempting to find a better place for me. MPW proved to be exactly this. It wasn't just that my teachers were great, that the small class sizes afforded me an amazing level of flexibility, and that the weekly tests hardened my exam technique so I had nothing to fear when exams came around. But what really made MPW a great school was the level of individual attention that I received throughout the school, it was unlike any other place I had studied.

While some aspects of sixth form still proved challenging for me, I was glad to be heading to UCL after leaving. There, while I enjoyed the education thoroughly, I thought I might be able to profit from some real-world experience. So I spent about a year teaching English in Saint Petersburg before I thought that I might like to reapply to university and, once again, try and find a place in which I would fit perfectly. When it came to filling in UCAS forms and obtaining references, my former tutor at MPW was supremely helpful. And, after sufficient stressing and prepping, I was fortunate enough to be offered a place at Oxford where I hope to, as I have done before with MPW, find the ideal place for me. MPW is not the typical sixth form experience but it is without question one I can recommend."


Grades achieved at MPW: AAA Progressed to: Oxford University

"For me, MPW was life changing because it was due to the immense support of the teachers and of my personal tutor that I have been able to become the person that I am today. When I first came to MPW, I had no GCSEs and had been removed from a Level 1 course (hair and beauty) at my previous college. I had little belief in myself and felt that after failing my GCSEs and giving in I would never be given a second chance to put things right. MPW proved me wrong and showed me that as long as you are surrounded by people who believe in you and want you to do well, and other students who want to succeed as well, you will go far. As soon as I arrived at MPW, I felt as though my teachers were making it their personal duty to make sure that I succeeded, and that they were always set on keeping me on track in every aspect of my academic career. At first, I was not especially confident within the classroom but from the very beginning my English teacher sussed out that I had a passion for English and encouraged me to pursue and showcase it. This, paired with the support of those around me, boosted my confidence and caused me to think about my future post-GCSE. I am extremely grateful for MPW and would not be in the position I am in today if it was not for the staff and all their support. It has been a unique experience and has left me with a more positive attitude towards education as I have been shown what it is like to achieve. "


Grades achieved at MPW: 9, 7, 5 Progressed to: study her A Levels

"Having taken my GCSEs at a boarding school, I was looking for a change in surroundings for my A-Level studies. I found the environment at MPW to be very friendly and supportive. The small class sizes enhanced my learning and provided opportunities for debates in lessons. The rigorous testing system of weekly tests motivated me to revise regularly and consolidate my understanding of content in order to achieve consistently good grades. The mutual respect between teachers and students made me feel an appreciated member of the college but also allowed me to develop my independence. MPW has given me a great springboard to achieve the grades to study at my first-choice university. "


Grades achieved at MPW: A*A*A Progressed to: University of Warwick to read History and Politics

"I have always believed that the main purpose of an effective education system is to turn students from “mirrors” to “windows”. A mirror just shows a mere reflection whereas a window allows us to see something that can, potentially, be endless. MPW’s teaching approach responds to this paradigm. I was pleased to deepen my knowledge of Mathematics by studying it from new and different perspectives. Thanks to my prepared teachers and my extremely helpful Personal Tutor, I always knew where my weakest areas were and what I should be working on. Outstanding was how I would describe the reaction of MPW to the Covid-19 lockdown. The college managed to react instantly to the unfortunate situation by creating an easy and efficient way for students to attend lessons and sitting weekly tests in each subject. Even though the exams were cancelled, the high teaching quality and the challenging assessments helped me to continue improving upon aspects of the curriculum. I am excited and fully prepared for the next chapter of my academic journey. "


Grades achieved at MPW: A*A*A* Progressed to: University of Warwick to read Mathematics

"Coming to MPW, I had high expectations as I was very impressed by what I saw when I was scouting suitable A-level colleges. I am glad to say that I have not been disappointed. From the small class sizes to the larger student gatherings, I have felt an overwhelming sense of community and I have been able to make new friends along the way. The small class sizes gave me the opportunity to express myself freely and form closer bonds with my classmates and closer professional relationships with my teachers who spare no effort in making sure my classmates and I understand the material and grasp as much knowledge as we can. I believe this played an important role in the transition to online classes. The swift response of MPW to the pandemic showed that the school was well equipped to deal with unforeseen circumstances which bolstered my confidence in it once more. I am incredibly grateful to my personal tutor. She supported me with my UCAS application and personal statement, going as far as sending it to a doctor to read through. I was also able to have a mock interview with said doctor and I must say this really helped to prepare me for the interviews I had later on. I have also been given the opportunity to expand my skill set and meet new people with the extracurricular activities available. I took Drama, which helped a lot with my confidence, and participated in mindfulness lessons which enabled me to meditate finding inner peace. My experiences have shown me that MPW is a school that not only fosters excellent teaching and learning but also friendships which will probably last for a lifetime. I am thankful for the amazing teachers and my personal tutor who encouraged me to achieve my goals and helped me work towards it."


Grades achieved at MPW: A*AA Progressed to: Queen Mary University of London to read Medicine

"Having been out of education for a few years prior to starting at MPW, I believe it’s been the perfect reintroduction for me. Thanks to the small class sizes and affable teachers, lessons felt more like friendly social gatherings than dry academia. All this helped me maintain my enthusiasm throughout the courses and build friendships with other students. I particularly appreciate the teacher’s willingness to entertain tangents of discussion beyond the syllabus, rather than rigidly adhering to it, which I believe allowed me to achieve a broader understanding and deeper enjoyment of the subjects than would have been possible through simple rote learning. The weekly tests under exam conditions, though daunting at first, were invaluable - not only did they help with honing exam techniques, but they also alleviated the stress of exams by instilling a level of familiarity with the exam process. Finally, I found the most valuable aspect of my time at MPW to be the Personal Tutor system; my tutor took a sincere interest in my success and our weekly meetings made me feel I had support should I need it. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my time at MPW and will look back on it as time very well spent."


Grades achieved at MPW: A*A*A Progressed to: Durham University to read Ancient History and Archaeology

"Having completed my GCSEs and A levels at MPW, I can safely say that I’ve had an amazing experience throughout. Studying in beautiful Cambridge has allowed me to make great academic progress and given me every opportunity to thoroughly enjoy my studies. I found the small class sizes and personal approach to learning to be very effective as I always received the help I needed to achieve my academic potential in each subject. The Personal Tutor system has also been very beneficial as I was given helpful, in-depth support and advice regarding my university applications as well as my progress in each subject. What I especially loved about my time at MPW was the warm community which I had the opportunity to be a part of. Staff and students have always been very friendly and welcoming which helped me feel at home despite living abroad. I greatly appreciated the mutual respect in the relationship with my teachers and would like to thank them for the constant support given throughout my time here. After three remarkable years, I am certainly sad to say goodbye, but look forward to the next stage in my academic life!"


Grades achieved at MPW: A*AA Progressed to: UCL to read Law

"One year before joining MPW I graduated with a degree in Zoology. I quickly realised that I wanted to pursue further study to become a vet, but I was lacking my Chemistry A level which I needed to apply. Thanks to the recommendation of some friends I enrolled in the one-year Chemistry A-level course at MPW and it was one of the best decisions of my life. My previous fears of Chemistry were quickly eased by my amazing teacher, who made the subject fun and relatable. The weekly timed assessments were incredibly useful in not only consolidating my knowledge, but also in helping me keep track of my progress. Throughout the year my personal tutor would always check if I was okay and she was amazing in helping me apply through UCAS and prepare for interviews. My only regret is that I did not join MPW sooner! "


Grades achieved at MPW: A in Chemistry Progressed to: University of Edinburgh to read Veterinary Medicine

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