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A Level Subjects

Easter Revision: A Level

For Year 13 students, MPW London offers one-week, exam board-specific courses across a wide variety of reformed subjects and specifications.

For Year 12 students, we run 20 hour board specific courses for those wanting to consolditate their Year 12 key topics areas as well as concentrating on their exam technique with extensive and intensive essay skills classes.

The board specificity of our courses means that they focus on the question style, examining criteria and past papers which are relevant to the particular exam board and syllabus that students are studying at school. The exceptions are History and Literature where the courses are topic-specific.

This tailoring aspect of our courses means that students do not waste time or risk becoming confused by covering material which is not relevant to their needs but it is vital, therefore, that students provide us with as much information as possible about the precise specifications/options that they are following at school.

If you are interested in attending an A level revision course this Easter, please email us with the following information:

  • Name of student
  • Student’s Easter holiday dates/availability
  • Subject(s) required
  • Exam board and level (i.e. AS or A) for each subject
  • Accommodation requirements (if applicable)

One of our Course Directors will then prepare a provisional timetable, with costs, and email it to you for your consideration. Where students wish to study A level subjects that are not included in the subject list, they should contact one of our Course Directors to discuss their requirements.

A Level Subjects

The following A level courses are taught over Easter Revision:

A Level Ancient History (OCR)A Level Biology (AQA)A Level Biology (OCR)
A Level Biology Edexcel (Pearson)A Level Business (CIE)A Level Business Studies (AQA)
A Level Chemistry (AQA)A Level Chemistry (OCR)A Level Chemistry Edexcel (Pearson)
A Level Classical Civilisation (OCR)A Level Classical Greek (OCR)A Level Economics (AQA)
A Level English LiteratureA Level French (AQA)A Level French Edexcel (Pearson)
A Level Geography (CIE)A Level Geography (OCR)A Level German
A Level History of Art (Edexcel)A Level Latin (OCR)A Level Mathematics (OCR)
A Level Mathematics Edexcel (Pearson)A Level Music Edexcel (Pearson)A Level Philosophy (AQA)
A Level Physics (AQA)A Level Physics (OCR)A Level Physics Edexcel (Pearson)
A Level Politics (AQA)A Level Psychology (AQA)A Level Religious Studies (OCR)
A Level Religious Studies Edexcel (Pearson)A Level Sociology (AQA)A Level Spanish (AQA)
A Level Spanish Edexcel (Pearson)A Level Theatre Studies AQA and EdexcelAS and A Level History
AS Level Biology (AQA)AS Level Biology (OCR)AS Level Biology Edexcel (Pearson)
AS Level Business (CIE)AS Level Business Studies (AQA)AS Level Chemistry (AQA)
AS Level Chemistry (OCR)AS Level Chemistry Edexcel (Pearson)AS Level Classical Greek (OCR)
AS Level Economics (AQA)AS Level Economics Edexcel (Pearson)AS Level English Literature
AS Level French (AQA)AS Level French Edexcel (Pearson)AS Level Geography (CIE)
AS Level German (AQA)AS Level German Edexcel (Pearson)AS Level Latin (OCR)
AS Level Mathematics (OCR)AS Level Mathematics Edexcel (Pearson)AS Level Music Edexcel (Pearson)
AS Level Philosophy (AQA)AS Level Physics (AQA)AS Level Physics (OCR)
AS Level Physics Edexcel (Pearson)AS Level Politics (AQA)AS Level Politics Edexcel (Pearson)
AS Level Psychology (AQA)AS Level Religious Studies (OCR)AS Level Religious Studies Edexcel (Pearson)
AS Level Sociology (AQA)AS Level Spanish (AQA)AS Level Spanish Edexcel (Pearson)
AS Level Theatre Studies AQA and Edexcel

Dates 2022

Week 1: Monday 28 March – Friday 1 April
Week 2: Monday 4 April – Friday 8 April
Week 3: Monday 11 April – Friday 15 April

(Good Friday is 15 April; Easter Monday is 18 April)

"I chose MPW on the strength of its exam results and when I came for my admissions meeting I felt like the system seemed robust and that MPW could help me achieve what I wanted to. The teaching is exactly what I needed, particularly with regards to exam practice. I found the environment at MPW very nuturing. They focus on supporting each individual to achieve what they want; at my previous school I was sometimes made to feel very small if I achieved a mediocre mark but I have never felt like that at MPW and the atmosphere is very relaxed."


Grades achieved at MPW: A*AA Progressed to: The University of Durham (Psychology)

"This year has been a journey for me. When I started in August my confidence was shot and I didn’t know if I was going to go to the universities I’d always dreamed of so my time at MPW has really been one of gaining confidence back and believing in myself but also having a new attitude in terms of the future. MPW has really given me back the belief that I can achieve top grades and succeed. They give you the independence to direct your own time; although there is an extra-curricular programme, there is no pressure to take on a lot of extra activities and you focus on what is important to you, which in my case was studying."


Grades achieved at MPW: A*A* Progressed to: Cambridge University (History)

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