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A Level Retakes

Don't settle for second best.

Continue your A level studies to secure your first choice university place

  • We will help you achieve the grades your first choice place requires
  • Outstanding Russell Group placement record for retake students
  • Both full-year and short-course retake options available
  • Full set of reformed and remaining legacy subjects offered

We know how devastated you may feel about having missed out on the grades required to make it to your first choice university place, but think carefully before accepting second best. You'll spend a long time with your final A level grades and a long time looking back at a university career at an institution and course that you didn't really want. We know that your top-class university ambitions need not end here and remember that many major employers routinely sift on A level results as well as university class.

MPW has an outstanding Russell Group placement record for retake students and our experienced tutors will go the extra mile to ensure you get there.

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GCSE Retakes

At GCSE there are limited options for students to study for examination in English Language in November and Mathematics in January. These courses are only suitable for those students who have narrowly missed grade C at first attempt.

MPW offer both one-year GCSE courses and short retake courses. Students resitting selected units on short courses will often stick to the same exam board as they have sat before, whereas those studying on one-year courses will typically transfer to MPW’s preferred exam board and take the full suite of units that are available.

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Hugo – From BBE* (previous school) to A*AA  
Geography, Biology, Economics

Won a place to read Psychology at 
The University of Durham

"I chose MPW on the strength of its exam results and when I came for my admissions meeting I felt like the system seemed robust and that MPW could help me achieve what I wanted to. The teaching is exactly what I needed, particularly with regards to exam practice. I found the environment at MPW very nuturing. They focus on supporting each individual to achieve what they want; at my previous school I was sometimes made to feel very small if I achieved a mediocre mark but I have never felt like that at MPW and the atmosphere is very relaxed."

*Pre-U equivalent

Tallulah – From BC (previous school) to A*A*
History and English (equivalent Pre-U grades)

Won a place to read History at 
Cambridge University

"This year has been a journey for me. When I started in August my confidence was shot and I didn’t know if I was going to go to the universities I’d always dreamed of so my time at MPW has really been one of gaining confidence back and believing in myself but also having a new attitude in terms of the future. MPW has really given me back the belief that I can achieve top grades and succeed. They give you the independence to direct your own time; although there is an extra-curricular programme, there is no pressure to take on a lot of extra activities and you focus on what is important to you, which in my case was studying."

Druvi – From BB (previous school) to A*A 
Biology, Chemistry

Won a place to read Medicine at
The University of Liverpool

"I felt like I hadn’t tried hard enough the first time and that it would be worth giving my A levels another shot. I looked around a number of colleges and thought MPW was my best option: they seemed like they had a plan and had a lot to offer in terms of resources and well-organised teaching. My teachers at MPW were exceptional and I really felt like they believed in me. That feeling of everyone having my back helped me to believe in myself and to think I could do this. My Director of Studies had so much positivity towards me, it was amazing and I really appreciate his support."

Chris – From ABB (previous school) to A*A*A 
Latin, Mathematics, Physics

Won a place to read Mechnical Engineering at
The University of Bath

"The teaching has been very good. I have a bad habit of not doing my homework and they really kept me on track and never let me slack off. They hassled me but in a good way! I thought I would feel strange adjusting to a new college but my teachers were really good at not making me feel out of place and helping me to settle in. One of my favourite things about MPW is the people I have met, who are all really nice and really fun to be with. My Director of Studies was really enthusiastic which rubbed off on me. When I joined MPW I was down about having not achieved my potential but she made me see what a good opportunity this year was. She also helped enormously with UCAS."

Ashish – From BBB (previous school) to AAA 
Biology, Economics, Mathematics

Won a place to read Economics at
The University of Bristol

"A friend from my previous school told me the teaching at MPW was really good and that she had enjoyed it there so I decided to enrol. I felt a lot of pressure at my previous school and it was really refreshing to come to MPW and feel a lot less stressed about the exams. The teaching was a high standard and everyone was really helpful and thorough but at the same time the environment felt relaxed and I enjoyed being treated like an adult. I love the people at MPW and have made some really good friends here. I would recommend MPW because it delivers: students get what they set out to do."