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11 June 2021 | MPW Group

Get Ahead this Summer

From work experience to studying, explore the opportunities available for students to get ahead this summer.

2 June 2021 | MPW Group

Why and How to Use LinkedIn as a Student

We explore how to use LinkedIn as a student to improve your digital presence and prepare you for professional networking.

10 May 2021 | MPW Group

Maths Graduate Careers

Studying Maths opens numerous career paths in both the academia/research space and corporate world - see typical careers of math graduates.

6 May 2021 | MPW Group

Nature and Your Mental Well-being

Nature is the theme for Mental Health Awareness Week this year, 10-16 May 2021, so we’ve compiled a list of ways that you can use nature to help nurture your mental health and well-being.

1 April 2021 | Celebration of Achievements

Journey to Veterinary School

After Georgia underperformed in her GCSEs at a previous school, she started her A level study in non-science subjects as she was told there was no way she could pursue her dream of becoming a vet. After completing her AS exams, she made the decision to join MPW to study on a one-year GCSE programme, to improve her grades at this level before embarking on a new programme of A level study which would allow her to apply for Veterinary Medicine at university.

25 March 2021 | MPW London

The Colour of Lucy’s Hair: The “Nightmare” of Female Sexuality in Dracula

Richard Martin's supplementary lecture: The Colour of Lucy's Hair: The "Nightmare" of Female Sexuality in Dracula.

18 March 2021 | MPW London

The Suppressed Letter in Dracula

Richard Martin considers the possibility in Dracula, of Mina having suppressed a letter and explores why she might have done so in his latest supplementary lecture.

15 March 2021 | MPW Group


Revelation is the second part to Ed De Winton's piece titled Imprisonment - featured in the Empower alumni magazine.

15 March 2021 | MPW London

Twenty Iconic Poems – Part IV

The fourth and final in a series of articles where Philip Carr, English Tutor at MPW London, shares and comments on Iconic Poems.


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