Birmingham - Extra Tuition

MPW is not just a college for pupils at MPW. We work late and we provide extra tuition or 'Supplementary Tuition' for lots of pupils who are full-time at other schools. Lessons can, subject to tutor availability, be arranged in the late afternoon, on Saturday mornings and/or in school holiday periods.

Extra coaching is usually undertaken on a one-one basis rather than in groups, i.e. as 'Individual Tuition'. It’s a bit like being in a homework club, except that you have the undivided attention of your tutor. We’re teaching you, going over material you’re struggling with at school or getting you ahead of material that you may be covering in the future.

We do not provide individual tuition at pupils’ homes, though. We don’t believe in it. The best tutors don’t want to travel around during the evenings, but they are often happy to stay on at work after they have finished teaching MPW students to do some extra coaching for external students.