Student Life

MPW students are ambitious young academics who enjoy our mature college environment, pursuing a diverse range of career aspirations.

We understand the important role that positive experiences outside of the classroom play in a student's life and how these experiences contribute not only to academia but also to a balanced sense of fulfilment. As such, we encourage our students to take full advantage of the extra-curricular activities MPW has to offer to both enrich their experience while studying with us and to prepare them for life after Sixth Form.

MPW enjoys strong relationships with the University of Cambridge and the university hospital, Addenbrooke’s. This affords our students opportunities for visits to explore departments and diverse areas of cutting-edge research, ranging from Artificial Intelligence & Computing via Business & Management to Ethics & Brain Science.

Futhermore, MPW students independently make the most of what is available on our doorstep. Each year, our students attend an impressive array of talks and seminars at university departments, locally as well as in London at Imperial, LSE, King's College and UCL.