Transfers at the end of Year 12

Don't compromise your future.

At MPW, we offer:

  • Exceptional grade enhancement for mid-course transfer students
  • Well-established expertise in facilitating a smooth transition
  • Flexible, board-specific course options, including the opportunity to change subject choices

The curriculum reform is changing the landscape of sixth form education and many students will no longer be able to use AS level performance as a marker of progress during their A levels. We know that some students feel uncertain at the end of year 12 following the academic leap from GCSE and that top-class university ambitions can suddenly seem a bit harder to reach. Without AS levels it is easier to bury your head in the sand and ignore these feelings, but of course this will not pay off long-term.

Although they do not hold the same gravitas as external exams, school internal exams remain important and can be a key indicator of final A level grades.

If you are concerned about your progress, there is still time to consider your options. MPW are flexible in accommodating students and it is possible to enrol right up until the start of term in September. Our well-qualified tutors will go the extra mile to support transfer students and our Directors of Studies ensure that each and every student receives expert guidance in their UCAS application alongside their studies.


Get Expert Advice

Our staff are available now on the phones to give you expect advice on your transfer options. Select from one of our three study centres below.

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Success Stories

James L For WebTara - From CCC (previous school) to A*A*A
Chemistry, Maths & Biology

"Coming to MPW is the best decision I ever made, I’m just so glad I came here. I would never have got these grades without the support of MPW and my fantastic teachers.”

Natasha – From BBC (previous school) to AAA
English, History & Politics

“The teaching is excellent. My English teacher is like an encyclopaedia of knowledge and my other teachers structure their lessons and break it down in a way that is tailored to you so it helps your revision later on. I think of it as like when you go to a museum you can either get a headset that talks at you or an actual person who will take you around, show an interest, and let you ask questions. That experience is much more tailored to you – and that’s what it is like at MPW. Coming here is like having a real tour guide.”

Ali – From DEU (previous school) to AAA
Biology, Business Studies & Chemistry

The tutors at MPW went out of their way to support me in my academic ambitions. They often stayed late to help me with areas of my subjects I needed support in. They push you until you realise your academic potential. My journey at MPW has involved a lot of hard work but it has been really enjoyable.  The weekly Timed Assignments motivated me to improve my performance on a weekly basis. MPW has allowed me to really turn things around.

Harry – From ADD (previous school) to A*AA
Economics, History & Politics

“I would not be who I am without MPW. Everyone really cares and I don’t know anywhere else that you get such dedicated one-to-one support. They mark you tough so you strive to work harder to achieve high grades and then when you eventually sit the exams they are easier in comparison. I got 100% in two Politics papers and a History paper.”

Nicola – From ABB (previous school) to A*A*A
Biology, Chemistry & Physics

I chose MPW because my brother came to MPW, loved his time here and came out with really good grades. When I didn’t do so well in my AS levels I knew something had to change. I came for an admissions meeting and it felt like a good fit for me. It’s been absolutely amazing. I’ve really, really enjoyed it and genuinely enjoyed all my lessons and being taught. My teachers are phenomenal! Coming to MPW was definitely the best decision for me. I’ve never had an exam period before where I wasn’t stressed, panicky or not feeling prepared but at MPW they have changed that. The exam preparation that you do throughout the year has helped me so much."