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Success Stories

Success Stories

Our students come from a variety of backgrounds and with a variety of needs, so there’s no such thing as a typical MPW Cambridge student – all our students are unique. We cannot, therefore, capture the experience of all students. However, we hope that these success stories give a flavour of the range of students joining the college, their experiences and what they went on to achieve.

We always welcome feedback from parents. It is particularly gratifying when parents write to us to express their thanks and congratulate us on what we have achieved in working with their children. Again, we don’t have the opportunity to capture all parents’ comments here but we hope that we can give you an insight into the parental experience of the college.

"My two years at MPW have been part of the most fulfilling and interesting experience I‘ve had in my education. Despite the education being quite different from what I used to have in Macau, I still adapted to it quickly with the help of my teachers and friends. The small class sizes and community has really helped me to know people from other classes and easily get along with others. My Personal Tutor was very supportive throughout these two years of study, especially when it came to my university application. Despite the competitive nature of the course I was applying to, I was able to make my way through and successfully received offers from some of my choices. Weekly timed assignments helped me to keep track of my progress and allowed me to revise and improve my weakness in certain topics. Even though I could not take the A level exam due to COVID-19 this year, these timed assignments have showed my improvement along and my ability to meet the course requirements. I am thankful for all my teachers and Personal Tutor who assisted and encouraged me to work towards my goal."


Grades achieved at MPW: A*A*A*A* Progressed to: Strathclyde University to read Forensic & Analytical Chemistry (MChem)

" Studying at MPW was an incredible experience. Coming from a local Philippine school, I found it extremely daunting to live independently from my family and to adjust to a new school system all in one year. Studying History at A level specifically did not only include completely different content from what I had studied previously but also unfamiliar exam styles. At first, it seemed as if I would be unable to reach my targets. However, the individual support I received from MPW made the transition easier and more enjoyable. My Personal Tutor was helpful and guided me throughout my studies and the application process for university. My teachers were approachable and took interest in my progress and in making sure I do well. The small class sizes meant that I was able to give my opinion and ask questions, which also allowed for a great learning environment and a close-knit community. Regular Timed Assignments meant that by the time internal assessments came around, I was already well-versed in the exam technique and confident in my knowledge. I am grateful for the opportunities MPW has offered me and can definitely say that MPW is a place that equips its students with the skills and mindset to accomplish their academic goals."


Grades achieved at MPW: A*A*A* Progressed to: UCL to read Economics

"Two years of A levels in MPW Cambridge was a unique academic journey filled with unforgettable memories. As MPW offers small class tuition, I received comfortable, high-quality lessons. Teachers could individually explain any topics and help to answer any of my questions. I was fortunate to live in and absorb the academic atmosphere of historic Cambridge, which inspired me to study and put more effort into my education. With the help of friendly, supportive and professional staff in MPW, I enhanced my academic skills and got offers from the most prestigious universities. I want to thank my Personal Tutor, an incredible person who helped me throughout my journey with adaptation, mentality, motivation, the personal statement, and UCAS application. Despite the COVID disruptions in the last years, I always received support and encouragement from the MPW staff, even in online circumstances. Being the Head of Student Council 2020-2021, I was pleased to lead a distinctive international community with different student backgrounds. Our team's diversity, creativity, and dedication made this academic year full of social events, mental health assistance, and cultural affairs. After the great years in college, I became a student with excellent knowledge, soft skills and awareness of this world. Now, I am incredibly excited to start a new chapter of my life at university!"


Grades achieved at MPW: A*A*A Progressed to: Warwick University to read Accounting and Finance

"I first came to Cambridge with no friends and acquaintances, but the friendly and welcoming atmosphere of MPW immediately made me feel at home. Over the two years of my studies, I received tremendous support and care from both my teachers and my classmates. At MPW, I was not only able to study my favourite subject (Economics) in a systemic manner, but to also develop my critical thinking through everyday classwork and supervised weekly assessments. The Covid situation did not stop us from continuing our studies. MPW provided students with excellent support and help so that we could achieve our goals. I want to express my sincere gratitude to my Personal Tutor who guided me to my dream university. MPW has been a wonderful journey. I have made huge academic progress and lifelong friendships."


Grades achieved at MPW: A*A*A*A* Progressed to: UCL to read Economics

"I was initially attracted to MPW by the range of subjects on offer and the flexibility to study them in any combination. I thoroughly appreciated this level of flexibility as it allowed me to choose a combination of subjects that may not have been possible elsewhere. The small class sizes were another unique draw and something I knew was hugely beneficial to my learning having been to a small school previously. Indeed this proved to be the case at MPW as well, providing an excellent foundation for a strong professional relationship between students and teachers as well as close friendships with peers. My teachers demonstrated a rich depth of knowledge and a passion for their respected subjects that was infectious and infused me with confidence. They inspired me to develop a greater love and appreciation for each of my subjects, teaching not just to pass an exam but to develop my wider understanding too. Their approachable, friendly and open nature allowed for a fantastic studying environment that encouraged questioning and analysis to stretch my knowledge and excel. All staff members treated the students as adults, encouraging independence and initiative, which when combined with the overall structure of the college made for the perfect stepping stone between school and university. Equally, the Personal Tutor system provided a fantastic support network that ensured you were on track both academically and pastorally through weekly one-to-one meetings. My Personal Tutor was a friendly face who was always happy to help me even if it was outside of our dedicated meeting time. The weekly Timed Assignments, whilst perhaps intimidating at first, provided another excellent way of ensuring I was constantly practising and improving throughout my time at MPW. Outside of lessons, there were plenty of other opportunities provided, such as Student Council which allowed me to develop other life skills that are invaluable for the future, for example communication and planning. My thanks go out to my exceptional teachers and Personal Tutor for helping me develop over the last two years."


Grades achieved at MPW: A*A*A* Progressed to: James is taking a gap year before embarking on the next step in his educational journey

"I’ve greatly enjoyed my two years at MPW and feel I got a lot out of my time there. When lessons were online because of Covid, I felt it was very efficient and we were able to get a lot done due to the dedication of the teachers. My time in person at MPW was amazing as the classes were small enough to feel you can ask any questions and get the most out of the teaching without it feeling too empty. Having a Personal Tutor was something I really enjoyed as well as they are very dedicated to getting you where you want to be and are very supportive of whatever that may be. The Personal Tutor element was especially useful during UCAS applications as it can be a very confusing process, but I felt that all my questions were answered and the whole process was made a lot easier, from the personal statement writing to choosing which universities are best suited to you. My favourite element of my time at MPW was the weekly Timed Assignments. I felt these were incredibly effective at improving my exam technique and making me more comfortable sitting exams so the end of year exams felt much less stressful as I had more confidence in my abilities. My whole time at MPW, both online and in person, has been very enjoyable and I will miss it when I go to university."


Grades achieved at MPW: A*A*AA Progressed to: Newcastle University to read Biomedical Sciences

"I first came to MPW after having already changed school a couple of times, attempting to find a better place for me. MPW proved to be exactly this. It wasn't just that my teachers were great, that the small class sizes afforded me an amazing level of flexibility, and that the weekly tests hardened my exam technique so I had nothing to fear when exams came around. But what really made MPW a great school was the level of individual attention that I received throughout the school, it was unlike any other place I had studied.

While some aspects of sixth form still proved challenging for me, I was glad to be heading to UCL after leaving. There, while I enjoyed the education thoroughly, I thought I might be able to profit from some real-world experience. So I spent about a year teaching English in Saint Petersburg before I thought that I might like to reapply to university and, once again, try and find a place in which I would fit perfectly. When it came to filling in UCAS forms and obtaining references, my former tutor at MPW was supremely helpful. And, after sufficient stressing and prepping, I was fortunate enough to be offered a place at Oxford where I hope to, as I have done before with MPW, find the ideal place for me. MPW is not the typical sixth form experience but it is without question one I can recommend."


Grades achieved at MPW: AAA Progressed to: Oxford University

"My two years at MPW have been part of the most fulfilling experience I’ve had in my education. Despite being far away from home and studies completely different from what I was used to, the small class sizes and communal feeling of the school really made the transition easy and enjoyable. I always felt like my voice was heard and appreciated in every class. My teachers knew me well, both as a student and a person, and this really helped them to guide me through my A Levels in a way that worked best with my personality. My Personal Tutor was an essential support system over the two years especially when it came time to apply to university.

Despite its daunting nature, I was able to get the most out of the application process with five acceptances from all my choices and I don’t know if that would’ve been the case otherwise. Regular timed assignments helped me track my progress and kept me accountable and reminded me of the end goal - to do my best in my final exams. With the COVID-19 situation, I was unable to sit these exams, but these timed assignments helped show my improvement and my ability to meet the course requirements. Overall, I believe that the system set up at MPW provides students with everything they need to achieve whatever goals they have for their educational journey."


Grades achieved at MPW: A*AA Progressed to: University of York to read Law

"For me, MPW was life changing because it was due to the immense support of the teachers and of my personal tutor that I have been able to become the person that I am today. When I first came to MPW, I had no GCSEs and had been removed from a Level 1 course (hair and beauty) at my previous college. I had little belief in myself and felt that after failing my GCSEs and giving in I would never be given a second chance to put things right. MPW proved me wrong and showed me that as long as you are surrounded by people who believe in you and want you to do well, and other students who want to succeed as well, you will go far. As soon as I arrived at MPW, I felt as though my teachers were making it their personal duty to make sure that I succeeded, and that they were always set on keeping me on track in every aspect of my academic career. At first, I was not especially confident within the classroom but from the very beginning my English teacher sussed out that I had a passion for English and encouraged me to pursue and showcase it. This, paired with the support of those around me, boosted my confidence and caused me to think about my future post-GCSE. I am extremely grateful for MPW and would not be in the position I am in today if it was not for the staff and all their support. It has been a unique experience and has left me with a more positive attitude towards education as I have been shown what it is like to achieve. "


Grades achieved at MPW: 9, 7, 5 Progressed to: Sixth Form

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