London - A Level, GCSE Courses, Retakes & Transfers at the end of Year 12

At MPW we offer the following courses:

We teach in small groups with an absolute guarantee of fewer than 10 students in each class. All the students in a given class are prepared for the same exam on the same board on the same date. The small size of the groups ensures that each student receives individual attention whilst at the same time gaining the benefits of learning in a group environment.

In class, great emphasis is placed on the demands of the syllabus and on exam technique. We measure performance in this important area by frequent and regular tests, timed assignments and mock exams.

Academic progress is closely monitored by a personal tutor who writes regular reports to parents and who will arrange a meeting between parents and subject tutors whenever necessary. It is a feature of MPW that personal tutors have few teaching commitments and are able to devote the majority of their time to these important tasks.

Teaching is highly successful in promoting the students' progress and in supporting the aims of the college. Small teaching groups and the very good understanding of the needs of individual students evident in teaching enable excellent progress to be made.
ISI Inspection Report 2013, section 3.15