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Further Mathematics

Further Mathematics

What is it about at sixth form level?

Further Maths is another complete A level, above and beyond Maths A level. The combination of Maths and Further Maths is called “Double Maths”, and for many university courses Double Maths is either compulsory or strongly preferred. Further Maths at A level extends the Algebra and Calculus studied in Maths A level. In Algebra we study complex numbers (which involve i, the square root of -1), hyperbolic functions (which have many similarities to trigonometrical functions yet are fundamentally different) and matrices. In Calculus we greatly extend the range of functions we can integrate by using hyperbolic and trigonometrical and inverse hyperbolic and inverse trigonometrical substitutions. The level of abstraction here is indicative of the progression towards study at undergraduate level, whether as part of a Maths degree or as part of a degree in one of the many subjects that require the study of Maths as part of a university course.

Autumn, Spring and Summer terms

This course builds on the skills and knowledge developed in the Maths A level. Students take four modules: two compulsory units of Core Pure Mathematics and two optional units which this year are Further Pure Mathematics 1 and Further Mechanics 1. Further Pure Mathematics 1 includes further calculus, inequalities, vectors and numerical methods. Further Mechanics 1 extends the basic ideas met in the Mechanics part of Maths A level to include momentum and impulse, collisions and elastic potential energy stored in strings and springs.

Why study it and what skills does it develop?

Further Maths A level is a second A level in Maths and is a subject in its own right. The aim is to build upon the skills developed in Maths A level and to increase both the depth and the breadth of subject knowledge. Further Maths an academically rigorous and demanding subject suited to students who are considering university courses in Computer Science, Engineering, Maths, Physics and other highly numerate disciplines or simply for those who really enjoy Maths!

What prior knowledge and skills are required?

Students should have, or be on target for, at least a grade A in Maths A level before considering A level Further Maths.

How is the course assessed?

The course is assessed entirely by four written examinations: two Core Pure Maths papers and one paper on each of the two option optional units. All papers are equally weighted and are 1 hour 30 minutes long.


Edexcel AS and A Level Further Mathematics: Further Pure Mathematics Book 1/AS Textbook + e-book
Published by Pearson, ISBN 978-1292183336

Edexcel A Level Further Mathematics: Further Pure Mathematics Book 2 Textbook + e-book
Published by Pearson, ISBN 978-1292183343

Edexcel AS and A Level Further Mathematics: Further Pure Mathematics 1 Textbook + e-book
Published by Pearson, ISBN 978-1292183350

Edexcel AS and A Level Further Mathematics: Further Mechanics 1 Textbook + e-book
Published by Pearson, ISBN 978-1292183312

Exam Board and Specification Codes

A level: Pearson-Edexcel 9FM0

Dave Costin
Head of Department

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