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Pathway & Module Outlines

Pathway & Module Outlines

The NCUK IFY is specially designed for international students to provide you the skills you need to succeed at university.

The NCUK IFY gives you access to Year One of a UK degree. The programme is taught over one year and is assessed via examinations and coursework. It features the unique English for Academic Purposes module. The EAP course prepares you for success at a UK university by improving your reading, writing, listening and speaking – concentrating on building up your academic vocabulary and independent study skills.

As well as equipping you with the English skills and academic qualifications for studying in the UK, the IFY gives you cultural awareness, and teaches you how to learn in a western environment.


You will have a choice of pathways in Science, Business, Engineering and Humanities and you will study a combination of modules that fit in with your degree destination.

Science Pathway

If you are interested in a Science degree you should follow the IFY Science pathway. This will provide the perfect preparation and access to wide range of science degrees through the addition of chemistry and biology module options. In addition, if you study the IFY Science pathway, you can also be placed on many of the same degrees as the Humanities, Engineering and the Business pathways.

Engineering Pathway

With maths and physics as compulsory modules this is the perfect route for those wishing to study Engineering related degrees at university. This pathway will give you access to virtually all Engineering degrees and keeps open the options of most Business and Humanities degrees.

Business Pathway

This pathway prepares you in a variety of subject areas and offers a wide range of progression options, particularly suited to those seeking a career in business, finance and all areas of management. If you are interested in studying maths as one of your modules during your foundation year and want to keep your options open to both business and humanities degrees this would be the best pathway to follow.

Humanities Pathway

An ideal pathway for those students wishing to access a wide range of degree programmes in the social sciences and humanities and specific areas such as law and international relations. This pathway is aimed at those not wishing to include maths as one of their modules, though many of the business and management degrees will be opened as a future choice to graduates of this route.


Alongside the EAP you will study 3 additional modules directly related to your chosen pathway:

Business Studies


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